Monday, August 27, 2012

Home Festival

On Saturday we were invited to a lovely event called Home Festival in Kangaroo Point's Raymond Park. We arrived late after soccer games and break ups but it was still warm and lively in the long afternoon light. The whole thing was most homely indeed. 
This was the most enjoyable festival I have been to in years. It was much less crowded with a gentle, happy community ambience that really did feel like you were in a congenial host's large back yard. It just shows how a gathering of the local folk can be about fun and music and sustainability without being a money grabbing juggernaut.
There were some particularly homely touches like the clothesline full of art work made in one of the many free workshops for all ages. Yes, I said free. These people were running their festival from the heart with volunteers and friends.

 There was the paper mache bird making stall to create a large installation to be erected as a Bimblebox protest. It looks a bit loaves and fishes nestled away in the basket there.

Of course every back yard needs a cubby house or twenty made from enormous cartons and cardboard and industrious groups of chillun... and quite a few adults.

The back fence was lined with some thought provoking art about our neighbourhood.

There were even mini op shops and...

screen printing workshops to print your own tote and save on the plastics.

 Then there was the obligatory fair fare- snow cones,

 and bicycle powered smoothie makers paid for by the benevolent aunty society.

The hit of the day though had to be the bike bus powered by lots of little legs doing endless laps of the park without it EVER becoming boring. Not a screen in sight!

Some of the local delinquents preferred to loiter at the bus stop indulging in a spot of sugar....

but were eventually enticed into some bike-bussing with the added incentive of holding the gold coin donation tin.

So as they pedalled into the sunset to the merry strains of live Rockabilly and some cheerful rapping, people settled back into sofas and rugs to enjoy a balmy spring evening in the park with like-minded folk ...and it was good.

                               See you there next year. I'll be reminding you when it's on again.


  1. What a perfectly lovely day! Nothing like a bit of positive community spirit.

  2. Gosh what a fantastic day out, wish I had known it was on! So good to find creative events for kids in our backyard parks. Pop me on the reminder list for next year please. melx

    1. You're on! Can't find your blog tho? A glitch I hope!

  3. Looks like a great day. Delinquents, I love it!

  4. What a great idea. And all those wonderful activities with the community getting together.

  5. The cycle bus looks like great fun.
    A wonderful family day out.

  6. That looks like an excellent way to spend an afternoon. It must be warm up there - everyone's looking very summery.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Too summery, too early. Everything is blooming!

  7. Great idea Carmel! I am jealous, this weekend is the Teuila Festival in Samoa, unfortunately I would not add the word festival to this event. Their idea of a good time is marching in straight lines and listening to long orations.


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