Sunday, August 19, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons...

A lovely friend dropped in some lemon curd last week when I was feeling fairly average with the 2012 cold/flu thing. She had written the old 'when life gives you lemons...' on there. The fifth round of keeno was a pretty big lemon but look at all the 'curd' that turned up on my phone when I looked back after emerging from the chemo cave.

My intuitive sister brought me a nostalgic, healthy, clean lunch of Hare Krisna food from Jovindas. It's been a while but it tasted SO good.

Painting has become the pastime of choice around here again after a long hiatus. I am yet to recatch the bug. That mojo, like the hair cells, seems to be stunted by the drugs for a while.

There was a  moment before the last keeno when I started nesting and ironing all that gorgeous linen I was finding at Ron and Brian's. Here's a taster for all you old linen goils. This one will make a tempting linen cushion, methinks. Just got to get over the zip phobia.

In the meantime there is this bit of supreme loveliness which arrived a while back from Kath of Prints Charming. It is a stash of beautiful fabrics and yarn and an embroidery kit that she put together just because she is thoughtful and knew I was a bit of a fan. She used to be the original designer for Art Park, a linen company from the 90's and naughties. There is quite a bit of their stuff in my linen cupboard and I have even found some nice pieces in the oppie lately. That variegated wool asked to be made into a scarf if there's enough.

You know somebody is throwing you a bone when you walk to the bin to put out the rubbish and this is at the end of the driveway. There have been some spectaculous ones lately.

However I can't even show you my shoes from Round 5 as I was reduced to thermal socks and Birkies. 'Past caring', I believe it's called and the photo literally makes me ill. With an overflowing bag, I thought I'd do some sorting to distract myself....

and look what I found at a rather low moment. The universe was throwing me a bone, I tell you!

On the way home from keeno I took a detour to a spot where I used to take the boys in the pram. It's where the old farmhouse with stables was replaced with a security fenced eco-nightmare of a Mc- Mansion. I'm still a bit mad at them. They didn't manage to wreck the view though.

Having opted out of bigger fete projects this year for school, this pleasant project unfolded while I was chatting to my Dad for a while in the sunroom. They ended up being little hairclips for little girls. They were so easy and my girls loved them so I may have to make more. They are a combination of crocheted flower, half a felt ball and a bit of DMC stitchery. The crafty mojo has entered the building- for a moment.

There have been soccer matches, a laser skirmish party and a first three year old proper party with new kindy friends. She even tried to put their decorations in order.

Getting bored with beanies, I tried a new hat a friend gave me with a Curly Pops brooch. It felt very Spring on a sunny August Saturday re-emergence. With all the boys out we had a girls' night in. Something about three year old arms in flannelette jamies makes things feel much less of a lemon.

Meanwhile, as Rome burns, there is always crazy hair day, sock day, book week dress up and a bit of fiddling in case anyone wanted a lie down. The big lemon had a lot of sugar to sweeten things up!


  1. I'm so glad the keeno's over! You've got some lovely lemons and bones there.

  2. One more to go, Deb. There'll be a lot more elation in my typing when that comes and goes!!!

  3. Good curd my friend, good curd. Only one keeno to go? When it's done I reckon we bloggers should throw you an online party ;)

  4. That was wonderful as usual. So uplifting to visit your space. Flannalette jammies rock!

  5. So good to see you again,Annie.
    One more to go?
    I pray the invader is gone never to return.
    Lala looking good in striped socks and a violin.
    Flanelette PJ's so cuddlesome.

  6. Throw out the whey and eat the curds I around you and three year old arms (which I too have in flannelette jarmies) are sometimes what keeps you moving....and the curds,...dont forget the curds...

  7. You must be so damn sick of those lemons! Very glad you have a rainbow flower brooch to match your rainbow toes though.

  8. Yes make that tea towel into a cushion. Don't be afraid of zippers, they're pretty easy to put in.

  9. So glad you are down to 1 to go. I hope the bad stuff has been stomped on and kicked out the door never to return. I love the bones the universe sent you this week. I am sending you positive thoughts and happy vibes.



  10. Glad to hear you're down to one more Keeno to go. Hope you've shaken off the flu.
    The hair clips are very cute, as are the flannelette PJs.
    BTW. Nothing wrong with socks and 'stocks

  11. So much loveliness going on in your home Annie. I'm still recovering from the Flu. It was just the pits and I have no idea how you managed the Flu with the Keeno. Just 1 more to go though, you can do it!! PS I have sent you a couple of e-mails but think they are a no-reply address despite not being flicked back to me. I have a little ripple-y question :-D Thinking of you! Mel xx

  12. Some of you have had trouble sending e mails. I just went in an poked around the profile page to find it was turned off so do resend if you can. Thanks.


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