Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leftovers, literacy and maneaters on wheels

Sometimes you just come across some mismatched leftovers and just can't throw them out in case they still have some use.
These are bits that didn't quite make it into my erratic posts lately.
There was this selection of old Brisbane postcards which I feel a little sorry to have passed over. The one of the dancing 50's funster would have been worth the purchase alone. What a grin! What a photo! I can't help but wonder who she was and where she is now.

This little bit of brownery is especially for Carmel who is partial to a bit of Nefertiti ware as I remember but has nowhere to put it at the moment. It was in good nick and only $3 but her ceramic cup doth overflow.

Sometimes when I am bored at the traffic lights my wandering eye might spy one of these painted electrical boxes. We must have had a politician with imagination and fun in their bones once upon a time long ago in Brisbania.

There has been reading. This job not only has some nice studio space and media but is equipped with a rather fabulous library...with books in it! I heard a rumour that some big posh schools were thinking of going with bookless libraries. Philistines! That, in itself, would put me off sending a child there. 
Meanwhile back in our book-filled library, I ran my fingers over some tomes and came out with these two. They had a little similarity in that they dealt with relationships between fathers and sons but they were very different. I have wanted to read "The Road" for a few years but never had the fortitude. It is harrowing, dismal, haunting and marvelous read. I will never see the film as the book was quite graphic enough, thanking you very much.

I first heard of "The Running Man" at a book night where the author talked about his childhood growing up in the Ashgrove area and how bits of his childhood all combined to make this fictional story. I may have had a little weep at the end. This one is a lovely story. I needed it to cleanse my palate after "The Road".

Speaking of roads...this is what I came across when I visited a friend's neighbour to see what Lala was up to with her little friend. 

She's fearless, that one!

The leathers reminded Aunty Kath and I of a special movie moment from our misspent youth watching late night Roger Corman trash flicks of the 60's amongst others. Bear with the first minute to get to the poem and ensembles. Classic Corman cheese in a less horrific version of "The Road".
Vrooom, ladies and gents!


  1. How much prettier electrical boxes look when coated in artwork.

  2. I read the road because it was required reading for my daughter's first year uni- I wish I never had. I'm going to search out that other book though. Everything seems so much nicer and more fun down under.

  3. OK, so I'm not going to read "The Road" now. And that video is pure gold. I have no idea how you file this stuff away in your head!

    1. It is simply given the space that other stuff should be in like where I may have put certain people's undies.

  4. I thought The Road was a great read and hard to put down. But so bleak. Yeah - give the movie a miss.

    I love a good painted electrical box. There is one on our way to swimming lessons.


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