Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hungry for Oz

Last night I took a couple of the teen boys to see Hunger Games 2. It was a rollicking, dramatic good show although crunching a long book into a movie means there were a few hands up for question time on the way home.
Ooh, ooh, I know this one….

The husband stayed home and watched the Wizard of Oz with the girl childs. The 11 year old dobbed on him and told me this morning he stayed awake for the whole thing and sang along to all the songs. She rolled her eyes at this point because she is eleven. They roll a lot and I have had them checked and, yes, she now has glasses.
It's hip to be square…apparently.

Back to Oz. This morning Shorty Divine asked to watch it again. Her dad had gone to a crack of dawn activity and I was up getting the other girl ready for a swimming carnival so I put it on for her and pulled up a chair to watch. It was more fun watching her watching the movie. Her face when they land in Oz ("the beautiful garden") was pure gold!

She tried to explain the nuances in case it was over my head. "The house went up in the wind. It landed on a bad witch. They have to go on the yellow brick road." You get it.

She also said with dreamy eyes, as Dorothy sang about the rainbow, "It's reeeally nice, Mum." Nobody said that after the Hunger Games. Sometimes it feels good to watch something reeeally nice.

She's taking Oz to Nanna's tomorrow. I'm sure she and Grandad will thoroughly enjoy it together. He'll sing along. Some things cross age and fashion and decades to still make you feel good especially if you are with the right person.

As the Wizard may well have said to Dorothy when he sent her to ditch the witch, "May the odds be ever in your favour."


  1. Oh how I <3 Shorty Divine. I am just over the hill from you, feel free to parcel post her anytime ;)



  2. I love those good ole movies. In fact I'm planning on dedicating the month of December to watching 'feel good' Christmassy flicks with my tribe. Dad and the two youngest (I'm down two this weekend), {don't breathe a word, but two kids is pretty laid back (though boring added Sally)} watched Life of Pi last night. I lasted 3 minutes before my eyelids fell, they tell me it wasn't too bad. Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Funny how its all relative. Usually when we are one down we get a ring in for a sleep over to keep the equilibrium. Anything less than normal seems a doddle!

    1. Wouldn't matter if you had twelve kids, with one away you feel as though you're at the Bahamas! Though we have similar issues with Wallace and Sally best friends with another brother/sister act, such that if Wallace goes away for a night, the little sister usually comes here! All good in the end.

  4. My daughter and I snuggled up in my bed one night and watched The Wizard of Oz on Daddy's laptop - she loved it just like Shorty Divine. Oh now I want to watch it right now :)

  5. Naww! Love the eye-roll tale- mine's turning 10 in 2 weeks, and they have started! Luckily I've had many years to practice my withering glare back and so far i'm winning. This is the same child who detests Wizard of Oz- took her years to get to the colour section, as the black and white tornado freaked her out too much! She's watched a little past that now at after school care, but still doesnt like it. My fantasies of doing exactly what you did with Shorty Divine. Sigh. I'll live viacriously through you haha.

  6. I only want to watch "nice" films now. Can't see now why I ever paid to be scared or depressed at the cinema.

    1. Absolutely. Having been scared out of my wits in real life I get no pleasure from it at the movies any more. Bring on the escapism I say!

  7. Replies
    1. I'm still adjusting to those but I'm sure their are bigger fashion battles to be fought ahead.

  8. Oh this is one of my favourite childhood movies and 'nice' is a perfect word to describe it. I thought my kids wouldn't like it as the old movies seem so slow but they loved it, shorty devine's face says it all ……love Lala's specs, very pretty. Theyerolling has already started on my 9 year-old…sigh. Mel x


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