Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hunger Games meets Oz

It occurred to me that there is a lot more in common between the Hunger Games and the Wizard of Oz than first meets the eye. So here is my top ten of why the Hunger Games is really a modern spin on the Wizard of Oz.

1. The Capitol is not unlike the Emerald City. It's big beautiful and overwhelming for our country girl heroines. Whether you follow the yellow brick road or take the Panam express, you'll end up right smack in the city centre.

2. Upon arriving it is evident that a bad taste fashion bomb has exploded in both city centres, although it is permanently St Patrick's Day in Oz.

3. Our intrepid heroes head out against all odds to overcome evil and bring down the trickster peers at the top, President Snow and Oz. On similar promo posters (cloudy), they are four abreast and marching bravely into the unknown.

4. District 12, where Katniss comes from, and Kansas are both grey, grey, grey where the hard working citizens eke out a frugal living in drab landscapes.

5. In Hollywood it is always about the frocks. Glinda and Katniss both sport perfect puffy frocks with spangles and tulle and wings- oh my! What's the point of a big skirt if you don't get a good twirl in?

6. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!  Whether it be ruby slippers, bow and arrows or a nice brooch, choose an accessory with secret powers if at all possible.

7. A girl can always rely upon a marvelous mentor, preferably one with big hair and bigger head gear. Keep in mind it is likely she will encourage you to undertake dangerous journeys while staying safely behind at home.

8. Los presidentes often tell lies it seems and Oz and Snow with their white benign locks are both set on sending their minions into dire peril to serve their own purposes. They also favor a pulpit like device for oratory purposes.

 9. Our girls are both airlifted out of the lost zones too- Dorothy in a hot air balloon and Katniss in a hover plane.

10. Of course when all is said and done, it is family that comes first and no matter where you have travelled there's no place like home. 

By the way, Lenny Kravitz is also in the Hunger Games in case you didn't know. He plays a hip and groovy fairy godmother/ stylist borrowing from another famous fairy tale. Note his magic wand. Does this man never age? Eat your heart out, Glinda!

(All sources from Google images.)


  1. I love the big haired/headdressed witch images. Very clever

  2. I'm sure An Urban Cottage is right, and anyway I know you're a genius ... but as I haven't got a clue about the Hunger Games, I or II, I'm just going to have to take your word for all of this.

    The Wizard of Oz, on the other hand ... I've seen just once, aged about six. I remember being besotted with Toto. And look where that got me ... she types from under five whippets!

  3. Ha, thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Just watched it last night and feel like it combines elements of Battle Royale, Wizard of Oz and Star Wars into one awesome movie.

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  5. That's an acute observation Annie.
    Star Wars falls into the same sort of category.
    It is really the current mythology of Caucasian Americans.
    For me it's all pretty shallow. No wonder the world is in a confused mess around the different mythologies . For instance ,the Moslems could never see these scenarios as part of who they are and are prepared to wage war because of the differences.
    And again there's Israel with another take on the Old Testament as being the actual spoken word of God.

  6. My Hubby loves the Hunger Games (I haven't read or seen it) ..I wonder what he'll say when I show him your astute analysis of it resembling the Wizard of Oz :-)


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