Saturday, November 2, 2013

Alive, alive....oh!

Around 6.30 am there was a crash which drew the Big Fella out of bed assess the damage. The dog was up and behaving foolishly running around chasing dust motes or some such thing. We all got up and proceeded to go through the morning "Where- are's".
Where are my rolls, where are my smurfs, where are my marbles...? That last one is me.

Pre- breakfast kit in case a flying fish should smack you in the noggin.
As he left he asked Lala to  pick up the pebbles scattered around the door.
She obliged, then realised they were from the fish vase that houses Miss Lulu, she of the wafty plume fins and big eyes, like a lovely blue burlesque queen. That is, it usually houses Miss Lulu when it is on the cabinet and not lying on the floor vacated in a pool of water!

Lala yelled for assistance and we all ran, stat, for the scene of the crime. Notably absent from the carnage was the victim. "Where-is the fish??," they all demanded of me simultaneously. Ms Lulu was nowhere to be seen but outside the glass doors, Lola, the dog was smacking her chops on her bed. Of course we assumed the worst. It must have been Ms Lola in the lounge room with her sticky beak nose jumping up on the new couch to reach the fish vase.

There were assurances that it would have been quick and we'd buy a new one, blah, blah....and we started to clean up the pebbles and water. I picked up the pillow from the chair the dog had jumped from and there, lying curled in the foetal position was a small irridescent blue clammy blob. The nearest mourner let out an unsympathetic,"EEEEW!" and then the fish twitched. Just a little twitch but it sent them running again. "Water!! Quick! She's alive!!"

I scooped her up amidst more eeews and plopped her into somebody's hastily refilled brekky glass.
She hung poised in the glassware then with a flick of her flaccid tail, she was off lapping the glass and refilling her gills like nobody's business.

After being off her food for a while, she has had a full recovery and is now up on the piano out of reach, tormenting the dog with her flickering fish moves forever.

So now they are all singing the "Alive" song around the house thereby providing another reason to be grateful to the universe. X- Factor is over and we have the TV back from the tween-2-teens. (HMMM- that's a good name for a girl band!)



  1. That's one lucky fish, he gets to swim another day.
    And in the new spot atop the piano he gets a nice view too. x

  2. Woohoo for miss Lulu!. One of Roboboys mates found a little fish alive in a gutter as he was walking along and saved him- Flippy is still here today. These fish are marvels. mel x

  3. We were told by the lady in the pet shop that those Siamese fighter fish live in 1cm deep muddy puddles in the real world. Ours survived only three weeks of luxury and pampering before it was flushed down the loo. Go figure! I'm glad Miss Lulu survived her ordeal, and I hope she gets to chuck many more laps around her vase/tank. Very funny post Annie, and I love your stylish vignette at the end - that brown and yellow vase is v.nice x

    1. My husband calls that clutter....that's a handsome baby W.G.!

  4. It reminds me of the old song "Don't bring LuLu , I'll bring her myself."
    It seems to me that all LuLu's have stamina and are feisty.
    Thank you for this addition to your family saga.
    (Love the head protector and towel swathe while doing computering.)

    1. Maybe he was avoiding the zombie rays emitted from the 'pooter.

  5. our fighting fish committed hari kari by burying itself under some of the rocks we had in the bottom of the vase. They weren't fancy bought pebbles, which may have been our downfall, but pretty (small though) white river rocks that we washed and put in there. The gold fish lived for much longer.


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