Sunday, April 20, 2014


Okay. Maybe we got just a little bit Easterish after all.

1. The bunny's bum pancakes as spied on Pinterest.

2. The rabbit's foot pancakes as invented in our kitchen this week end.
 3. Bunny's bum and rabbits' feet pancakes with ice cream for breakfast. This is a once a year day!

 4. An embarrassment of chocolate and long ears for all. We were one egg short when the bunny went to dole out the booty on Easter eve so one big boy got an I.O.U. from the bunny. ( I suspect there had been a raid on the big high cupboard but have taken the path of least resistance and claimed responsibility for not thinking clearly at the supermarket. Imagine such a thing!)

 5. An embarrassment of sugar or maybe just enormous excitement in the bloodstream of the short one. This year Bunny trumped Santa!

 6. Ye ol' talcum powder bunny prints as delivered at midnight every easter. It never gets old!

7. My favourite ritual and family celebration of the year spent with my favourite people in glorious sunshine and all I had to bake was cupcakes!!!

Happy easter week end to you all!


  1. Happy Easter weekend to you all too Annie.

  2. Love the Bunny pancakes! Happy Easter. x

  3. So great to see the blogging mojo back!!! Your Easter looked brilliant and I'm taking mental notes for next year - this year was not my finest effort :-) xxx

  4. Seriously impressive bunny pancakes! I bet they tasted good too x


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