Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letting Them Eat Cake

After Blogtoberfest I needed to take a Bex and a lie down for a week or so. Meanwhile, my friend Cath, sent me the recipe for that delicious and decadent cake so I'm passing it on as promised.
The bonus is that, Cath, being a mother of seven, has a lot of things down to a fine art in terms of expedience and quality. This cake is so EASY!!!

Cath's Freckle Cake

Two cups of sugar
1 3/4 cups plain flour
7g baking powder
7g bicarb soda
6 g salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
120 mls vegetable oil
10 mls vanilla extract
1 cup boiling water (she uses coffee)

Add all ingredients except boiling water to a bowl. Mix thoroughly. Add boiling water or coffee. 
Mix again. Put into a cake tin and bake at 180 degrees of around 35-40 minutes depending on your oven. Allow to cool and ice with chocolate icing and whatever takes your fancy...smarties, nuts, coconut, strawberries or .... FRECKLES!!!

The amazing lush icing? It's bought stuff in the dark chocolate flavour. I never knew there was such a thing and it's good! I trust a mother of seven. This will be today's afternoon tea. I'll time the making for you like Jamie Oliver with his fifteen minutes smack-me-I'm-hysterical meals.

Speaking of cake...we had a birthday here on Monday. My first youngest turned ten! TEN! Lucky I have another youngest to take the sting out of it. The heart squeezing Princess Lala and her beautiful assistant and I did lunch. 

Then she went for her inaugural double digit solo bike ride.

 We pumped up the tyres.

Then there may have been the sound of helicopter roters of the parenting variety.

Too mummy stalker?

Too precious!


  1. Your first youngest, that's funny. Wish I had a couple more youngests actually, though not sure the youngest would appreciate it. Will most certainly be giving the cake a run, though will have to go with home-made icing. Goodness, they'll be selling bottled custard and cheese pre-grated next!

  2. Looks good...being eyed off over my shoulder by my 11 year old...(who I still do not let ride around solo on his bike..) mmmm need to work on that I think....but as you say, they are too precious.......
    Or maybe I am being too precious...eek....

  3. Happy birthday, Lala. Your mummy stalker surveillance photos made me laugh.

    I've bookmarked the cake recipe and will try it out soon. No mixer to clean - bonus. BTW, do you mean 120mL veg oil?

  4. Thanks for sharing the recipe but what the heck is vegetable extract? Stock cubes? vegemite? please enlighten. Cannot believe your big little girl is 10, she seems younger in her pics but don't tell her that as I am sure she would be cross. mel x

    1. Try vegetable oil. Sorry. I wasn't really with it!

  5. Of course you needed a lie down after Blogtoberfest! I felt like I needed a lie down after Blogtoberfest keeping up with you all :-D

    Happy Birthday to your first youngest - teehee! She's so gorgeous xx

  6. Ten years since you missed my Melbourne Cup party! Wowee! It's a big one and she's gorgeous.
    Thanks for the cake recipe too. I love any excuse to bake cake.

  7. 10! A belated Happy Birthday to the Princess. We've passed a 0 number with the youngest too, 20!!! I feel so old (I was practically a child bride, just to be clear!).

    And not stalking at all ... the way traffic whizzes through the country lanes around here mine were in their teens before I was happy for them to be out on their bikes on their own!

  8. Thank you for sharing Princess Lala's 10th birthday with us.
    Love her assistant as well.
    I always thought it fair to have one the oldest and one the youngest as the years flew by.
    Memories are made of that.

  9. Printing out that recipe as I type, thanks for sharing, just the kind of cake I like,quick mix and bake! It looks Delish! I like the idea of the freckle decor. Big happy birthday to your big baby girl! She is very precious!! :)

  10. She's beautiful! And so is that cake.

  11. Happy birthday La La, double figures are very exciting until you realise how unique single figures are. Good stalking Annie, but it is not really solo is it?

  12. You have such a wonderful way with words, Annie, especially about your wonderful children. Cake looks delish and I may have a go at that today - despite having no birthdays to celebrate this month. And who would dream of arguing with a mother of 7 - or of 5! (I challenge those who want to have a go with a mother of 3 too!)

  13. Next time I'm in the cake making mood I shall give this one a whirl.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.

  14. That looks delicious and simple - perfect combo! Happy birthday to miss 10.


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