Thursday, November 1, 2012

Truly Ghouly

We weren't going to do it this year. I grumbled a bit about the logistics on a week night with five but then it all fell into place. The girls mustered at a friend's house and donned a bit of their Scary McLairy attire. The small one wasn't supposed to go but kind of got dressed and suddenly she was. How could you tell this to stay home?

The Ghoulettes were not as pretty as in years gone past. As I painted Lala, she kept insisting."Uglier. Not ugly enough!" I told her she would scare the short one so she settled for Coraline meets the mummy.

When red eye works!

 By the time we started it was dark so the photos are pretty dodgy but you get the idea. This was the first stop. The face is saying ,"Are you kidding me? I say Happy Elouise* and they just hand over lollies?" This is her third Halloween. In fact it's everyone's third Halloween. The first she was in a pouch, next time in a pram and last year we had a bit of both. This year we all walked the entire thing.

* Shorty speak for Happy Halloween

While others were focussed on the lollies I was distracted by some seriously special West German pottery. Check out that lovely lamp. Colour and form, readers. This was the house of Scandy Andy whom we have visited before. Shorty only had one working head light which made her easy to spot in the dark but I kept expecting her to veer to the right.

Meanwhile the zombies were massing on Scandi's verandi!

The gloating and counting of the booty was the short lived climax of the evening. 

We scooped the boys up from their festival of tooth decay and dropped off some spare girls. The car was abuzz with festive energy and sugar and general overtired hysteria.
Some looked like they might not be able to sleep for a while. 

It takes more than some delirious preteen noise to put the self bedder off her game though. Indeed it is a sweet lullaby to her ears.
I had to pry that bucket of lollies from her grubby unconscious fingers.

There was no time for me to dress up with all the comings and goings but here's one I prepared earlier when Lala was introducing me to her beauty regime a while ago. She made this sparkly goop at a beauty birthday party. There were no cucumbers so apples sufficed leaving me all starry eyed. How do you like them apples? 



  1. Halloween is becoming so much more popular from when I was a kid.
    Your girls look like they had a great time.

  2. Wow, some scary costumes there, especially that last one !! :)
    The girls look like they had a great time! Any excuse to dress up is always fun, and even better when there is lollies involved too.

  3. Loks like a Happy Eloise was had by all.

  4. Awww I wish I had a Shorty...Happy Elouise to you and yours!


  5. Wow your gang take it super seriously. Love the black and white pics of the kids and also of you Casper. mel x

  6. Love both the black & whites photos. Such fun!

  7. I've been grinning the whole way through this post - then got to the last photo and almost cracked my face! Brilliant. Axx

  8. I wish I could trick or treat at Scandi Andi's but I can bypass the sweets for the WG goodies!

    That last image is positively gold! xx

  9. That lamp is seriously attractive.
    Any chance of forging a key to Scandi Andy's?

  10. What the other Annie said ... great minds or something!

    And I'm with DMC on the lamp!

  11. The last photo is awesome.

    I've been avoiding the whole Halloween thing so far but this year we had a few trick or treaters come by and the kids were intrigued by it all (mainly the lollies part). I think we will have to get amongst it next year.

  12. I keep coming back to look at Scandi Andi's lamp. I really dig it.

  13. I love that photo of the sleeping girl with the bucket of lollies, just like our halloween hyperexcitement+lollies=unconsciousness. (was good cause we got to eat the really bad crap in her bucket and left her with the just the slightly bad crap for when she woke) x

  14. Annie that last photo is a cracker!!! I can't stop looking at it. It's the funniest, most gorgeous shot you've had on here :-)

  15. That final photo is worth it all.

  16. We had lots of kids this year. I always love to see the costumes. I really getting very fat after Halloween ever year. The final picture is cute. Your little one just passed right out.


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