Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marjory Mojo and La Machina's Triumphant Return to the Stage

Marjory Mojo has been noticeably absent around here for quite a while. There has been little artistica and the bare basics of domestica to get by. 
Marjory shot through in March. She just couldn't stand the heat so she got out of the kitchen. Monday she stuck her head in the door briefly. She didn't stay long but assured me she'll be back for a longer visit soon.
This rather jolly fabric from Prints Charming got us started. I pulled it out and whacked a quick hem on the ends. Something done! Lala provided the makings of a rustic 'vinaigrette'.

I do like Prints Charming. It has ancestors in the fabulous Art Park range but has become a whole new range of crafts and workshops based on the creator's fabric designs. Now you can get some of the designs at Spotlight instead of just on line.

Of course, this flurry of stitching saw La Machina dragged out from the laundry cupboard where she is frequently flooded by her higher adversary, the Sink of Soaking.

Throw in a discarded dress from a good friend and, "Ding Dong", Marjory Mojo was back at the door.

I cut a pattern from an old dress of Shorty's by drawing around it in blackboard chalk.

 Finally found a use for the glockenspiel or at least its stick which Fishy still has to return to school having not used it since I got sick. Still, it was handy to have the knobby stick here for the complex turning inside out of the dress ties.

Then Ta-Da! Not only does it fit and I didn't have to go out half way through to get some missing bit and nothing has unravelled but...SHE LIKES IT... much so that she has worn it now for two days and two nights. This morning I hid it because it had 'upinade' on it. (Do we have to correct them when they have their own words for a beverage?)

So there's a tablecloth, a vinaigrette, a summery frock and even some hookery pokery going on, fuelled by late night insomnia and fidgety fingers. 
It (almost) feels like me again!

'Grrr-annie' squares for Marjory


  1. And a big Yay! for Marjory, so glad to see she is back again! :-)
    PS Pom-Poms can be for grown-ups too... ;-)

  2. Hurray for Marjory Mojo! Hope she hangs around :-). That's quite a serious stack of Granny squares there!

  3. Just love that photo of Shorty parading through the kichen. Great dress,, my girls have requested some Summer dresses, think I need Marjorie to pay a visit.

  4. Marjory's been away for too long, but it looks like she was sending crochetted postcards because you didn't forget her completely. I love the new dress!

  5. Amazing what gets buried under the maze of living.
    Busy fingers again.

  6. No, dont correct them....I think all those words are fab-leeuss....I never correct them, even when they hit themselves on the obo and are crying.....its magical...not the sore obo, but the words that is....
    Nice return of marjory...

  7. Glad she's back. And also you won some movie tickets. I'll email you about it.xx

    1. Ooh! Movies! I remember them! The Barracks is my favourite local too.
      Marjory is not a dependable friend. We'll see how long she lasts.

  8. Nice job with the frock. Is that Shorty doing a "ta- day" moment?

  9. Hooray! Nice work on the dress refashioning. I like your jolly tablecloth, too. I finally put a hem on a length of fabric to make it a proper tablecloth - I have used it for almost 12 months with threads trailing off both ends. Very satisfying.


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