Monday, January 14, 2013

Away with ye

Time to get out of Dodge! With Brisbania sweltering around the mid-thirties, we headed for the hills to visit the 'Woomba Bartletts. Even the sky was bleached out in the heat dotted with tiny gasps of cloud that promise no relief at all.

The further we got into the country the more I felt the tightness around my heart unclench and some relaxation seep in. I grew up on the Darling Downs so it makes sense.

There were dear friends to catch up on, a dog to smother with affection,

cooking to be done,

Note the Bartlett thumbs

the highest levels of hygiene to be maintained.

 It was a lovely couple of days. There should be more photos of Anna painting, me gessoing my skirt, swimming in their school pool, talking till 2 a.m.... However I was too relaxed to take photos and the phone was being used by Lala to take rather a lot of obsessive photos of Maybe, the dog. 

Driving home in the dark with sleeping offspring to the melancholic strains of Badly Drawn Boy was kind of delicious in itself. 

 You know I do like me a bit of euphonium and cello!


  1. oh lovely! Dont you just love a few days like that, really recharges the batteries.

  2. Finally catching up with you! And it looks like you've been having a fabulous time :D

    *Loved* the beetle, awesome beast! But the heat, oh my goodness, how do you cope!? I melt if it hits 24 degrees, at 30 degrees I'm sure I'd die, and it's hotter than that???!! Tough cookies, you Brisbanians, clearly!

  3. Wouldn't I love to be there!

  4. We've had a cooler change today, hope you have too.

  5. What a fun weekend and now you get to go home and enjoy a lovely spring-cleaned home! Had to laugh at the name of the dog, not named after "Maybe" on Arrested Development by chance? x

  6. You know you are always welcome. It was so wonderful to see you all. Maeby's been sulking ever since Lala left. I think she's forgotten how to walk.

    And yes, Coal Valley View, I had to call the new/stray dog Maeby otherwise I would have had to have had another child to use the name. Love it (and Jason Bateman)!


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