Wednesday, January 23, 2013


When we were at Julie's house, I bought one of those house magazines. We were laughing at the twee comments accompanying some of the photos.
eg. "who lives here?
A Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher, who is also involved in a boutique timber company, and a copywriter and food coach. Plus, Lucky the spoodle." Real Living Jan Feb 2013
No doubt these people are real but it was a little too good to be true. 
It should occasionally read:
"who lives here?
Angie, a teacher's aide and Andy, a public servant, who likes to take his kids to the movies. Plus, Barry, the mongrel pup from the markets."

It's all relative isn't it? I think my mate's house in Coolum is a cracker of a pad and deserves as much of a write up as the Qi Gong teacher's.

"We like to lie beneath the stars crooning Hawaiian lullabies to our gentle boys on our harmonically tuned ukeleles." The niches have been a few years in the making but have become zen islands of calm for family mementos.

Julie's eclectic taste is evident throughout the 50's bungalow, with her carved fish sourced from a Samoan artisan and star clock from the Sydney markets. The light fitting was a gift from a grateful 'houseguest' and the wall units designed by Julie and made by the Domestic Surf god's friend. Vintage desk from op shop. Tissues from Coles.
Jarrah niches custom made by the Domestic Surf god are filled with a spicy set of glass vessels from a local garage sale.

The Domestic Surf god has left his personal mark on the breezeway between laundry and boys' room.
Painting by Julie. Floors by the surf god.

Art by various friends and family members is displayed throughout the house.

Various friends' children with their Samoan weaponry are displayed throughout the house.

The boys' room is filled with light and lego and the quiet strains of Jimmie Little at bedtime when the brothers snuggle under their block printed bespoke Samoan quilts.

Finally in the words of Real Living itself, "this home is certainly a true blue (ocean) beach beauty." 
It is so lovely to see it hugging its real family again after their Samoan sojourn and so very lovely to have them back in our lives.


  1. That's a beautiful house. I especially admire the wall unit. You could definitely be a copywriter. I was once, but left because I felt false, corny and cheap. (that's not saying you're false, corny and cheap. You know what I mean.) Are they back from Samoa for good? What a change!

  2. I feel so ├╝ber cool! Pleased the sympathetically designed tissue box made the cut and now understand why you made my boys beds. Good to be home with old friends.

    1. Welcome Back Julie - was fun reading about your Samoan adventures :-)

    2. I just made the beds because I felt so sorry for you with your sore head, sweety!

  3. Ha ha ! Love it, spectacular walk through of such an on trend abode. Actually looks like a very arty colourful house that should be in a magazine. Perhaps a little more name dropping of artistic friends and contributors could have been added to improve authenticity. The tissues from coles I particularly liked. We have hideous boxes of them throughout the house thanks to my dust mite allergies, there is no way to make them look cool. A box of Nemo tissues are hideously mocking me as I type. mel x

  4. This is a great Pad! Very beachy. Love the artwork and those quilts are a bit awesome too :-)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As I am sure all REAL renovators can appreciate, it takes time...Not one blessed with a high profile job and fat bank balance, instead it's been working class and mongrel dogs all the way, it's a work in progress, (13 years I think) and has subsequently evolved over time. I've wheeled cast iron baths out on old skateboards and salvaged old gates from 'less than respectable establishments', many days have been spent with hammer in hand or planning the next stage (cold beer involved here). Much of what we have used has been due to my genetic hoarding disorder and modest budget. If it's good wood I'll find a way to use it! But not to take all the credit, it's been a family affair all the way. Everyone has had some input and that more than anything is what makes it a HOME.....My home...DSG

  6. Aaahh, friends with beach houses... This does look like a particularly lovely one. "Tissues from Coles" made me laugh.

  7. I want a friend with a beach house - got any spare?

  8. An excellent combination - Julie's lovely house and your words. Great fun and what I really like is that gorgeous tree picture!. Axxx

  9. So funny! Have you seen the website that does this very thing for fun? It's really good.


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