Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hookery Pokery

There has been a little more hookery going on although it is not the most seasonal activity. My niece told her mother that she liked the big bag I made a while ago so I've made her a smaller version for Christmas. Yes it's late but it'll be Sydney-side very soon.

It follows the Attic 24 pattern (sort of) until it got to the size I wanted then I just went straight up. I used treble where she uses a tighter double crochet stitch.

 We used to call these dilly bags when I was a child. The draw string was an add on, just crocheting up a long piece of chain stitch and threading it through every two stitches. The flowers just look pretty and stop it coming undone. These two were left over from the other bag.
I'm thinking a black and white one in cotton yarn might be noice in a Dr Seuss kind of way.

In further hookery news, the radium rug is almost done. Only three (tedious) rows to go crocheting the turquoise border to join them up as I go. The momentum is running down. 

My crochet mojo is finally slowing after enjoying quite the revival through last year. How many rugs do you really need in the sub tropics? Regardless,  I'd like to have one for each child so there may be a stripey theme for next winter's boy rugs to come.

Meanwhile back at GOMA for some more Gomalicious indulgence.....

The way in...



NOT touching...


Lala went Dada and was moved to photograph these visually arresting pieces...
The way out....

They got all Dr Who on me in the zombie tunnels. Rest assured, this only happens if you over Goma-ise yourself with more than two visits in three days. Normal transmission has resumed.


  1. I grew up with the 'dilly bag' was the bag our toiletries were kept in when we were caravanning our holidays away,,,,'got your dilly bag?'...'its in my dilly bag'....its one of those words that if you say it lots and lots of times over it sounds weird.....but...I am loving that dilly bag up there big time....when oh when will I finally get my brain around crocheting.....

  2. I love Dr Who. I love Matt whatever his name is who plays the current Dr. Everyone has to shut-up while it's on. GOMA does look inspiring in all sorts of ways. We don't get passed the old Art Gallery mostly due to tantrums.

    Keep crochetting. You're the best crochetter I know.

    1. Next time go directly to GOMA. It is riddled with anti tantrum devices.
      In fact the only people I saw tantruming there were parents!

  3. Great post! Love the bag & the rug - fab colours :-)

  4. Just love that bag Annie. I cannot crochet and simply can't be taught! Yet I'd love to be able to create such beauty.

  5. I think hookery pokery is the most perfect name for crochet, Annie - you always have such a way with words. And wool. GOMA looks great - shame it's a bit far for us. And I've loved Doctor Who in all his phases since I was 5. That's a long time. Axxx

  6. Don't give up on the crochet, it's gorgeous! I loved the old Dr Who from the eighties. Who knew?

  7. The boys used to like the dodgy original Dr Who when they were little and were particularly fond/ scared of the aliens they called the "Noodleheads" who looked like they had old mops on their heads. The old daleks were fun too with their wonky shopping trolly castors!

  8. Love all your creations Annie and I looked back and I see that the rainbow blanket is finished too!! Did I miss the big reveal? Your GOMA looks as weird and wonderful as our MONA. PS I love your new banner - is that your own design? Mel xx

    1. You've been a bit busy! The header is a photo of a particularly pretty piece of fabric Carmel gave me. I want to cover a couch in it or maybe just a chair.
      There have been three blankets but it is decidedly too hot for crochet at the moment. Brisbane is mingin' as they say.
      Hope it's cooled down in your neck of the woods.

  9. Every time I read your posts I go looking for a crochet hook I haven't got. One day I'll buy one and there will be dilly bags all over the house.

  10. My dilly bags never looked like that - more's the pity.
    I give you encouragement for the completion of your radiation rug.
    It looks fabulous.
    Zombies creep me out.

  11. Your crochet is looking all sorts of awesome. Particularly loving the big blankie but completely agree only crazy women crochet in this weather. We are yet to Gomarize ourselves, spending too much time getting wet instead. mel x

  12. I'm just starting on my crochet path, got a long long way to go before I catch up with you! Love that bag! :) x


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