Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Badly Drawn Boys and Girls

 The Shining may be the only song in the world written and recorded specifically with the cello and euphonium. However, it was difficult to find a video version of that song for my last post with the eupho (hipster for euphonium) and cello actually playing on it.  Maybe eupho players don't like live gigs.

There is a small window of time where two of mine still play those big boys.

 However I did find this rather lovely bunch of primary schoolers singing their version. It was a timely reminder of how good teaching CAN make you feel.

Dare you not to get a little something in your chest....


  1. Total tingle - thanks for sharing! Axxx

    1. May spend the whole morning listening to this amazing choir and their equally amazing teacher - utterly inspiring! Axxx

  2. I forgot about this choir. Thanks for reminding me!!!


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