Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh Frabjous Day! Cull-oo, cull-ay

Apart from the Great Heatwave of 2013 which is apparently not a heatwave, we have been experiencing the effects of the Great Cull of 2013. It started weeks ago in 2012 when the hats and wigs were sent packing because they made me feel sick- literally! Then I did the rest of my wardrobe then the offprings' clothes and toys.

 The deChristmasfication of our home was also most pleasurable. 

 It was a perfunctory Christmas for me this year. Decorate, buy stuff, give stuff, undecorate. I didn't feel the spirit "move" me this year although I wanted my children to feel it. So you do it anyway, right?

Santa has left the building.

They are the ones I cherish not their "stuff". 

It was still in the car when I visited the Breast Clinic and it turned out the young nurse there was having her first baby and had nothing. Linen, pouch, clothing...the mother load! It was serendipitous and much easier to let it go than to an anonymous inheritor.

Opaque, yellow mystery bags have been regularly leaving the house en masse. This is the fifth load and it was a small one. I have filled a boot on previous runs. There was a pile of baby stuff that had dodged previous culls.
You know it is really summer when Christmas is packed up, springcleaning almost done and the first rhinoceros beetle lands in the kitchen. 
This is a gratuitous shot especially for the gentle Euro-folk over the sea. They hiss, you know!


  1. ar ar are naughty, hissing beetles indeed, for everyone knows that they hiss and squeal and bite and sting..........

    1. I do beg your pardon........I was being silly up there, I actually did not know that they hiss, and I have since learned that they do indeed hiss.........

  2. Eeeeek! ;-)
    Do they fly around like cockroaches etc? Yuk!

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  4. Love the Oh Oh Oh. Yes, unfortunately this hot spell isn't following the normal wave trajectory is it, hopefully big rain will follow! See you're enjoying a little spam ... do feel free to surf the website.

  5. Aaaargh! Glad we don't get rhinoceros beetles down here.

    Well done with the culling - how very satisfying to see bags of stuff leave the house.

  6. Wow thats an ulgy beetle. You are brave to hold it.

    1. That wasn't me. It was Lala! She is scared of nothing!

  7. That is the most humungous beetle I've ever seen. thought they were reserved for South America! De-cluttering high on my list for the week, you've done very well!


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