Monday, February 11, 2013

Artistica Eclectica

It's been a big week with this full time working thing going on.
On the week end we just seem to go very, very fast catching up on laundry and reconnecting with the offspring and maybe sneaking in something just a little special to make it all feel worthwhile.

Last week the girls and I nipped over to the Tennyson Powerhouse park to check it out. There was much swinging of child and skating of board to be had. Sometimes standing and pushing a swing for an indeterminate amount of time can be quite therapeutic for both the swing-er and swing-ee.

Below is the motto of a local school that has left its mark there. No banging on about success and winning and achieving, just being the best we can be. Says it all really. Might have to print this one out for the fridge.

It seems the new job sometimes requires me to go to GOMA during my work hours to supervise and further peruse the art. You know how I feel about GOMA. Did I mention that this job really suits me?
This is a teeny tiny canvas of a huge room of many other teeny tiny canvases that all put together form a narrative about a dessert.

This one just draws me in every time. It's big and lush and bold.

Meanwhile as this was happening Lala was dreaming of running off to join the circus. She has since reconsidered and will stay on in the north wing of the farmhouse as she pursues her dream of aerial greatness. 

Best thing about Lala's circus class? It's down the road from some lovely galleries and Matt Blatt.Yes,  I know it's repro and not high end but with five children my end will only be getting lower and lower. So I will squint and enjoy the repro as much as the real deal.
Where do you stand on that whole debate?

The classes are also down the road from a most spectacular patisserie. Lairy lured me in and tempted me with tiny quiches of the addictive variety. Even the patisserie had some good paintings in it. It's a theme I tell you, a sign... That new red bag is a souvenir from GOMA with a wistful Francis Bacon postcard in it to remind me of the BIG retrospective in Sydney right now. Sydney-siders get your skates on and report back to us Northerners, please.

Another perk of this job is having to peruse many lovely art books. Near my desk I found a whole David Larwill book. He's an artist who I have only seen in fancy mags beside high ends. I'm thinking this pink number would look mighty fine above my bath!


There were more humble creative pursuits at home. Many things were aerated it seems. We fluffed up some yolks for ice cream, whites for pavlova, cream for the pav, butter and sugar for a cake.

We also made hoagies. These are soft rolls with holes poked in them and vege laden spag bog mince spooned inside. They are highly recommended as fillers for carb sucking boys. I don't know what a real hoagie is but remember it from the  Cosby show when I was a child. We stole the name for our rolls when the boys were too little to say mince roll. Plus it sounded tastier.

 The hogies fuelled up Fishy who changed codes and went over to the dark side, abandoning his soccer for a year of rugby instead. Will this be another year like the 2011, the Year of the Great Bone Crushing, where each boy broke a bone at some point within four months?

Note the kind provision of a little laundry soap for getting the blood and gore stains out of the costume. 
Maybe I should poke some calcium supplements in the hoagies this year!


  1. Hogies sound fun, in a messy, sauce down the arms sort of way.

  2. I remember Dr Huxtable hoeing into those hogies whenever his delightful wife, Phylicia, was out of the house. Unwrapping the alfoil and licking up the drips of whatever it was that was in them. I love your interpretation and think it cannot be far off the real thing. The other sitcom mystery meal was the 'Sloppy Joe' which I always thought was a tracksuit jumper.

    I am so glad for you that your paid job is so fulfilling. It must help make those crazy weekends worthwhile.

  3. You must be bruised all over from pinching yourself to wake up from your dream.

  4. PS.
    Can you stop the verification thingo at the end, Annie?
    My failing eyesight is seriously challenged.
    And here comes another one.

  5. All that making and baking with eggs, sounds yummy.
    Your work sounds amazing, being surrounded by all that creativity.

  6. I always have a smile on my face when I finish reading your posts, this time mostly over the "carb sucking boys" :-)
    Well I'm in possession of a replica Eames eiffel chair so that's where I stand on the whole repro debate - you know, 5 kids and all :-D My daughter would be quite envious about Circus School - she wanted to join after we saw the Moscow Circus perform here last month. Your job sounds pretty perfect. Mel xx

  7. That piece of art work by the school kids is fab, yes it does say it all! It sounds like your having a great time in your new job. I'm so glad the rhythm of your life is starting to return! :) x

  8. I always enjoy the view into your artistic world Annie, from here in the land of practicality and non-creativity. Like the look of your mince, we've sixty kilos of it in the freezer at the moment, all suggestions welcomed.

    1. It's a well loved favourite, Fiona. By the offspring anyway. The grown ups are over it.
      Might have to do a cooking post. It's been a while!

  9. I think a David Larwill repro of your own is in order for over your bath. And I want Lairy to take me to that patisserie on my next visit. I now need to paint eggs. xxx

  10. This post reminded me of the lovely 148 (I think) paintings based on the dessert, as you cleverly link practically all images and ideas to food. It truly is Gomalicious.

  11. Hoagies sound just the thing for my hollow legged teen son ;)

  12. I have a great recipe for Sloppy Joes if you're after one. Your job does sound perfect for you and a lot of fun. Do you get school holidays off too? If so, all the better. I do like that eggs in cartoon painting. Keep up the good work.

  13. Delighted the job is so much fun, requiring you to do things that you like to do. There are some fantastic images here to enjoy - thank you! Axxx

  14. It really does sound like you've found the perfect job!

    And Lala too ... the circus eh?!


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