Saturday, February 2, 2013

January's Child (5 =5/52=1/12)

"A portrait of my children once a month, every month in 2013"

Some friends have been doing this weekly portrait with Jodi. I looked back to realise I don't take enough portrait shots of this lot. They are more likely to be photos of what they are doing or what is happening round them. Not just them. At that moment.

So I'm going to attempt to stick at this project but will be following the example of Mel to post the link monthly because, in our families,  that still works out as sixty photos. 
I'm am hoping there is an exception clause for those who have had four on the floor under four or more at any time. 
There will be big changes this year. Lot's of ends and new beginnings.
I hope to use my dear old camera more, instead of her usurper, the i-phone. 
We'll see how it goes.

1. Lala, watching 'Annie' AGAIN.

2.  B2, stepping into a man's clothes, a deeper voice and a calmer way.

3. B3, mooching and listening to "Thrift Shop".

4. Fishy, turning 12,  it's the last year of a non-teen boy in the house.

5. Mei-mei, Edwina Scissorhands in her last year before big school.


  1. Shorty still manages to wedge into the laundry tub! Hilarious! Within a blink those kids'll be at Uni.

  2. The childer pics are first rate, but it's a tall order you set yourself.
    Where has B1 gone?

    1. I lost count! They're used to me mixing up their names though.

  3. Oh these are great Annie! Really nice to see each child on their own as you say. So glad you are doing this too. Monthly is the way to go don't you think? I really wasn't sure about doing this because as much as the grandparents would love to see 250+ photos of the kids, the rest of the blogosphere not so much me thinks :-) Look at her in the sink - hilarious :-)

    1. It's her favorite chill out spot off the kitchen so I can cook dinner while she makes up stories with the laundry talismans.


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