Saturday, February 2, 2013

Go Ask Alice

Two weeks ago I started my first full time job for a long time. It was a little daunting but turns out to be most enjoyable and in fact rather satisfying. For the first time in twenty years I will not work as a teacher. Instead I am the art technician for a large and luscious art department down the road. (artistica) This is less demanding than teaching but deeply nurturing for the soul. I am like Alice the maid for the art block, spending my days  surrounded by walls of delicious media which makes my mouth water at least hourly.

There have been mixed responses from friends. "Really?" "Are you crazy?" "You need to be careful." "Don't overdo it.""It's perfect for you!" I like this last one best.

Here are my three golden rules for working mother perfection. (domestica) The trick is to be in complete control at all times on the homefront. 

1. Laundry will be washed, hung, folded and ironed daily. 
Alternatively, it can be scrunched in small balls deep in one of five baskets for later reflection. The laundry talismans seem to be stranded in Caloundra in an ark with the Noahs unable to get back and do my washing. 

2. Everything will have it's place.
Weeks of painstaking culling and reorganising of drawers has been undertaken to insure that no PE shirt will be lost, no goggle misplaced, no sock left abandoned by its partner.
In torrential rain, only two mornings out of four saw a wet and quivering mother twitching at the door as lost items were searched for, ten minutes after we should have left. That's two for two...not bad.

Why is it so?

3. No unpredictable or difficult situations should be permitted to disrupt the smooth cogs with which the domestica will whir along.
Mini tornadoes will please desist from laying waste to the flora.
Alas, poor Lady Marmalade Grevillea, I knew her well. In fact I may have inadvertantly given her the kiss of death by standing and admiring  her for a while the day before she was wind- whacked.

 Please peruse a last token of Lady Marmalade Grevillea's gorgeous blooms.

Et tu, Candlenut tree?! Dripping with fruit, shady and pretty and native...

she too has gone to the big Woodchipper in the sky.

                                     Did you ever notice Alice the maid toting a chain saw? 
Suddenly, in the context of life under con-Troll*, these lyrics finally make sense!

*con-Troll: [koh n-trohl ] n. evil nemesis of Control; enemy of organisation; lifestyle description


  1. I think perhaps I have the mates to your socks up here! Obviously looking for a tree-change.
    Your new job sounds "perfect for you". Enjoy.

  2. Your new job sounds great. Pottering about among all the art supplies. I'd go into some sort of trance. Good for you. I'm desperate to plant some natives. Desperate.

  3. Grevilleas are temperamental.
    Now I know where socks die.
    Too sad.
    Your new job is just you. Rejoice in it.
    Sam and Ruthy have no intention of returning soon.
    They have started up a water fun park to park the ark (after dark).

  4. Exciting times Annie - the job does sound perfect for you because you're doing it and I think you might know what's best for you :-)

    As for the socks, same situation here. Drives me nuts and so all the kids have the exact same size and colour (white) socks now - saves a lot of trouble.

    Have a great week, hope it all goes well. Mel x

  5. Delighted to hear you've found such a perfect job, Annie. And we are sisters under the skin, believe me. I laughed out loud at your washing and I definitely have matches for your socks here in Spain. (I know there are more in California Chickenblog!)
    As for the poor trees...well, time for a change, obviously.

  6. I'm glad you are enjoying your new job! I think your 'rules' for domestic bliss sound very similar to what happens here, minus the extreme weather!!! :) x

  7. The "rule" for working mums is "no rules". Good luck with the new job - sounds just right.

    1. I'm coming to the conclusion that the rule may occasionally be that chaos rules. The chillun are helping a fair bit so we shall see!

  8. I have no con-troll and I don't work outside the home and have no children to blame. Congrats on the new job though.

    1. The Con-Troll is currently hiding under the stairs to the boys' room sniggering at me!

  9. It does sound like the perfect job for you! It also sounds like the perfect job for me, but no such luck in these here parts.

    Oh, and if you get 3 nailed a how-to would be welcome!

    Have fun being Alice :)

    1. No idea about three. It is the perfect job for you. Today I dyed paper, worked in the dark room and went to my favourite place, GOMA, for an excursion. The universe is throwing me some sugar finally!

  10. Congrats on the job is sounds wonderful in every way, except perhaps the full time part. My advice is just drop all standards at home and get a cleaner. Easy peasy. Chainsaw humming at our place too, one poor tree placed exactly where a carport is to be built. mel x

  11. Congratulations on the new job. Sounds right up your alley.If you're going to work, let it be an inspiring and upbuilding place to be.

    Also, I found myself staring in wonder at a similar scene of unpaired socks the other day. I know it happens, but continues to boggle the mind.

    And finally, your monthly portraits, so beautiful! I want to do this as well. With my REAL camera. I get so attached to my phone because it is always on me. Thanks for the nudge.

    Lovely to visit you! Oh! Indeed start yarnbombing it up!! It's addictive I tell you. Be warned.


  12. The new job does sound perfect for you. I hope you enjoy it.


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