Saturday, February 16, 2013


There have been lots of early starts from around 5.30 am. Now a year ago I would not have believed you had you predicted such a thing but this ol' body clock has been rewound and is enjoying the new schedule. There is an earlier bedtime now (after many years of pottering at night) but also the experience of the lovely mornings. Who knew? It's nice to get some alone time with individual offspring as well.

Meanwhile here are some more gratuitous Queensland art gallery shots. On another school excursion I stumbled across some Grant Featherston and this gorgeous sideboard by somebody called Schulin Krimper. His name is almost as spectacular as his sideboard. If this stuff is in the state gallery it is clearly out of my price range. Do you think one might turn up on Gumtree?

How lovely that it was in a family home all those decades before being "acquired"by the gallery. 

The old Queensland Art Gallery is a treat to  wonder through. After spending a lot of time in the Gallery of Modern Art it is good to go back to some of the old favourites again.

 Something about this steamy one really appeals to me. Perhaps it is relief that we don't have to do this any more and that even five loads on a Saturday is fine when it's automated. Mind you at least the laundry was sociable back then.

The whisked up egg yolks from last week came back as a rather tasty treat of blueberry, choc chip, vanilla ice cream. It has provided me with some pleasant moments of escapism. Everyone forgot we made it so I haven't shared this batch. It's my 9pm, late night indulgence.

What they don't know....


  1. I can see why you're keeping that little treat to yourself. Looks delish.

  2. I'm glad you're having such a lovely, interesting, art filled start to your year Annie x

  3. That sideboard is definitely a work of art. Whomever thinks lawyers get paid big bucks hasn't spoken to my employer; one of those sideboards is off my soon-to-purchase list as well. Dammit. Glad you're enjoying mornings. I always wondered and marvelled at your ability to go to bed so late. I'm also loving the Art Gallery images.

  4. I love the idea of getting up early for those very reasons (my mother-in-law swears by it) but then I'd have to go to bed early and I just can't imagine doing that at the moment. Maybe I could make the switch when the Kids start staying up later and impinge on my evening time? Love the new and old painting there x

  5. Think your nine-o'clock delight looks slightly better than my hurried Freddo Frog at the fridge while no-one's looking.

  6. I understand the value of going to bed earlier, but haven't managed to follow through yet! Very proud of you!

  7. After years of getting up early for the school run, you can't believe how much I am enjoying the "snuggle in bed as long as the dog allows it" . However I'm also aware of what I'm missing in the quiet early mornings and hope you are enjoying them too.

  8. I love early mornings, preferably on my own however, little Bea has inherited my early morning gene too! :) x

  9. That icecream looks perfect! Yum!!

    I so wish I was better at mornings!

  10. Early mornings were good for studying for me.
    I'd have another zizz when the milkman came to survive the day ahead.
    No more. No studying and no milkman.
    I could eat the computer screen as I lick your food pics.
    Good to spend time with Shorty.

  11. Early mornings...just can't seem to do it. I do love your late night ice cream treats though.

  12. I'm an early bird too (althought it's pretty quiet here all day since the boys have left). I like to sit and read or write before school that starts at 7.15 am. :-)

  13. Aaaargh - 5:30am starts! I wish I could say I enjoy them but I've never been a morning person. Can't wait until the little one starts waking up later. Any time after 6am would be fine at this stage.


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