Tuesday, February 19, 2013


One of the best things about being back in an art department is remembering long lost tidbits from the cobwebby recesses of my mind. Information from fourteen years ago will pop back into my head as though somebody flicked a light switch. Meanwhile I still can't remember that I put a lunch box in the car five minutes ago. The dodgy short term memory is resulting in much driving back and forth for forgotten objets. However some old memories have plugged back in to have some fun. 
When the teachers got new blank aprons last week, one suggested we do a little bit of decorating. I could not remember a thing about silk screening then it just popped back in. Flick!
The students are drawing lots of animal skulls at the moment so I thought I'd go down the sugar skull route.
Cut it out.
Make a practice print to stick it to the screen.

Pull the paint across the top with a squeegee.

Get a little carried away with the whole excitement of printing something again.

Add some twiddly bits.

The next one is going to be a few words I received on an e mail when I started working. I'm thinking it might be nice on a canvas but can't decide what colours to use. Thoughts?


  1. Your aqua. Or pink. Or black. I don't know - I think it's terrific!

  2. I think you saying should look chaotic too, lots of colours! I'd love to have a go at screen printing one day but I'm rubbish at drawing! :) x

  3. Fluoro pink. Definitely. I bet you've got the teachers a bit scared! All that creativity and ingenuity of yours! Sounds like you're a proverbial pig in mud.

  4. I think you must have had the word verification thing on to get rid of spam. Which I can see you're still getting ... maybe you should just convert to comments that will be published after you verify them? I did that initially. I don't now because the blog is so small that it hasn't been targetted by spam. It does lose some spontaneity but then you cull the motor scooters for adults.

  5. What's with adult motor scooters? madness.
    What an ingenious little possum you are.
    Don't be afraid to forget the dross; it's pure gold within.
    I say, cobalt blue.
    Rallying the troops???

  6. I can see your usual creativity has gone into overdrive - lucky you, no wonder you can't remember tedious things like lunch boxes.

  7. You make the silk screening look so darn easy!


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