Saturday, December 1, 2012

He's Off!

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The Big Fella has gone off to outback Nepal for a few weeks to help schools build things. He does this every two years with his students. Last time he went on a trip he took two of ours with him. He thinks they are all at home with me this time. Just wait till he opens his pack in Kathmandu.

He has had a rough year too. Some time spent in the land of enlightenment might be just the ticket and he is bringing me back some prayer flags- lots and lots!
In the mean time I will paint the house purple and rearrange everything and hock the children for Birkinstock money- just a couple!

These boys are not much use after riding all morning and swimming all afternoon.

Pod People
At least Shorty finds them inspirational.

Homage to the Pod People


  1. You went riding in Birkenstocks?!

    Outback Nepal sounds like perfect soul food :)

  2. Ha! I meant the children not the shoes were not much use!

  3. Nepal sounds so exotic. Heck, Australia is exotic to me.

    1. This from the woman that has bears at the garden gate!

  4. Good thinking with that seed pod person Shorty.

  5. haha, I remember your comment about 'pod people' when mine got her ipod! So true! Did he seriously leave them all with you? Lucky guy....

  6. Great place to restore the shattered psyche.
    He could bring back a huge Tibetan bell or worry beads.
    I love the sound of Tibetan bells.
    Shorty could move in on one of her self bedding trips.

    1. The bell is a great idea or one of those bowls that hum like crystal.
      (Is Rosie back yet or is C still having a conniption?)

    2. Rosy of the evil crossed eye has left us permanently for a better place.
      Could even be outback Nepal.
      She had a short but marked impact on the household.
      With threats of having to sleep with Rosy enough to make one rethink negative attitudes.
      She has been replaced by a small stuffed angel looking the worst for wear but holding a bright pink tulip to her would-be bosom. She has a rumpled laissez-faire air of a secret gin drinker.
      She sprinkles fairy dust but I'm sure it smells of something far more earthy. (Being understatingly polite here.)

  7. Looking forward to the reveal of the purple house!

    1. It's an idle threat although we did have a purple wall once long ago in the groovy nineties.
      Sadly we are neutral nellies these days.

  8. Love all the pod people. I have always had a hankering to go to Nepal - I think it's a perfect place for Big Fella to go - I'm sure the benefit will be mutual too. I'd also want one of the singing bowls.
    Hope you all enjoy the change - but how good it will be to be all back together again too! Axxx

  9. Ha! Nice one. I'm quite partial to a Birkenstock, too.

  10. Playing catch up on your blog again. Nepal is one of my favorite places. I went there when i was 15 and it'll always hold a special spot. Beautiful people. I'm sure it'll be fantastic for him. I'm sure he's missing u all like crazy though.


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