Monday, December 3, 2012

Looks Like Summer

Watermelon at 9 cents a kilo! That's a 39 cent melon! We bought ten.
The summer light here is so clean and crisp. It is most fetching when it falls upon a pretty melon..

or two.

Aldi fuzzy felt board for $10! It is a summer delight. I have even caught the thirteen year olds designing their world. It's like primitive summer Minecraft.

My favourite signs of summer- watermelon, stripy beach towels and frangipanis bursting into leaf. This one was dropped in by one of the Big Fella's friends last year while he was building the front. We weren't sure it would survive the transplanting and winter but it's back and covered in buds.

Even the ginger boo ladies are producing above expectation although the tiny egg there a couple of days in a row was unusual. 

It seems anything will grow in this climate.

Waiter, there's hair on my melon!


  1. Yay for melons, especially the hairy ones! Is it growing back different, I have heard curly is common? mel x

  2. My theory is that my hair seems straighter when it is longer because of its weight. It is greyer, not surprising after the last few months and darker. I am shunning the sun!

  3. Beautiful melons all.
    Love a border collie on a felt board. I shall name him Fred the Wonderdog.

  4. Watermelon and Summer, they just go so well together.
    Your beautiful hair is returning.x

  5. So jealous you are all getting ready for summer. We are getting ready for winter here in New York.

  6. I still find it hard to get my head round it being summer there when it's winter here...don't know why. These are all really great photos. Love the hairy melon, Mary Ellen.

  7. You take great photos, especially of hairy melons. It was -10C here last night. Just sayin'.

  8. oooh a hairy melon...nice....and watermelon...yay...I once ate a whole one...tragic...I dont advise it...

  9. It does sound very summery up your way. Summer is still coming in fits and starts here - 38 one day, 19 the next. typical melbourne. Gives us something to talk/complain about, though.

    Yum, i love watermelon - I'd be stocking up if i found it at 9c a kilo, too.

  10. HAIR welcome to the building.

  11. Wait, that's YOUR hair? Lovely!!!!!!!

  12. Isn't blogging great - at least somewhere in the world it's summer.

  13. It is like living in an oven here. Glad to see the hairy melon.

  14. Yay - hair growth - how intriguing to see how it will grow back. I'd be snapping up lots of melons too at that price! Watermelons always remind me of summer!


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