Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Projects ago-go!

Since the Big Fella left I've coming over all busy bee. It may be to do with the fact I have to go back to work next year and there are things that need doing. There's a two week window before the house is full again. Nothing like a deadline to get a bomb under you.

 I finally whipped up some dodgy tea towel cushions out of the unused stash. They're rough but they're new and linen and cool. The fluffy, furry ones really had to go into the cupboard for summer.

These old kitchen cabinets have needed fixing for a while. 

I have further plans for them this week but for now, replacing ancient broken latches and doctoring doors with PVA and clamps was enough.

Then there's the oar. My funny brother who always brings me booty from my  his favourite coastal oppy, dropped these in a while ago. There are two but the other one can wait. There is only so much you can do in ridiculous heat with a three year old in togs stuck to your knee.

Oh and I finally got this out of the cupboard. 

 It arrived when I was too sick to flick any food related items a second glance but has emerged in its glory to make curly apple for dinner. It really is child's play! Thank you to Mr Urban Cottage, ye of the impeccable vignetting, for putting me onto this fun gadget. It does, however, mean there is a need for more cabinet space. Back to the cabinets.

Tonight they had fish, prawns, curly apple salad and lashings of 39 cent watermelon because, in case I hadn't mentioned it, the heat is RIDICULOUS! 

There will also be lashings of Neapolitan ice cream cones for them- peanut brittle ice cream cone for me and a crispy glass of white. Children? What children!?

There were ten on Saturday, nine on Sunday and they have all been fine as mine were kept busy
- and I let them eat melon. 


  1. I heard about the heat wave over there. I cannot even imagine surviving that! That old Urban Cottage is a wonder isn't he? I love your new cushies too.

  2. I'd die in that heat, truly, even with watermelon to keep me cool. Anything above 24 degrees is too hot for me!

    Smart cushions :D

  3. Just as summer hits you full force - winter has descended on us. Cold rain and thunderstorms meaning the power's been off and we've been sitting in candlelight. A watermelon is just a dream now.

  4. Cushions very summery and festive.
    Prawns and apple salad? I'll have seconds please.
    I hope the 3 bears helped with the joinery.

  5. Love the cushions- so cheerful. I'm also in Brisbane, and it has definitely been ice-cream weather.

  6. Those tea towel cushions don't look dodgy at all - very summery.
    Those prawns look so good

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. I adore, absolutely adore your pillows. That quail fabric, where did you find it?
    I hope you stay cool. Swirly fruit should do the trick, one would think!

    1. Tea towels, my dear! Old tea towels from Ron and Brian are enjoying a new lease of life!

  9. What's Anon saying? I love the teatowel cushions. They don't look dodgy in the slightest. I note you have a pool and a shell hot tub! Fabulous. Your house is looking very tropical as if it's made for the heat. I especially love the oars and crochetted garlands!

    1. The oar is still a bit oar-ibble so I have to 'mod' it. Where are my minions?

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