Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Purge of the Pink Lady

Today was the last visit to my radiologist. It was just a checkup to make sure all the burns were healed and that my skin was coping. We talked about teenage sons, husbands, menopause, tamoxofin, oestrogen and buying breasts. She is delightful. I hope I never see her again.

Meanwhile, the purge at home continues. Today clothing was thrown out from pre B1 and B2. The boys are now thirteen. Nostalgia is another casualty of the big C. It started with just a few hangers then I got the bug again.

Clothes from way back: I love them but they will NEVER fit me again unless I get rid of them. You       know how that works.
Pink bag of pre-loved headwear including a boxed Hermes scarf .

Maternity bra: (?) The last of a long line! Farewell ye, ill fitting lacto-garment.

 Post surgical bra stuffing: Of course I could repurpose it in a stuffed toy but I wanted it gone from my vicinity! Vamoose, el Fluff.

 There were two shelves of clumped up cancer stuff. Beanies and turbans and wigs...oh my! This is all going back to the Choices programme for other women who might like to use them. The spotty beanie which saw me through the sleepless winter nights is in the bin. It all made me feel sick to look at.

The need to streamline and simplify is not finished there but seems to have spread its tendrils into the blog too. Some lovely pink barkcloth turned up that was given to me by Ms MMMC soon after my diagnosis. It was trapped under the wiggery pokery pile up and happy to be released onto the new header and simpler format. It is SO special that I cannot decide what to do with it! Suggestions?

It would seem that not everyone shares my preference for the purge. Shorty is dismantling her room shelf by shelf and rolling around  in it.

Usually all the kids get a photo with the furry fella but this year I thought I'd get one too. Shorty looks ecstatic because Santa (a.k.a. Barry) had just given her this lurex, pink, frufru dress. She had been yearning for it for a while and I suspected she would ask him for it too. So it was arranged that he would pull it from his sack when she did ask. She was utterly astonished and thrilled and even did a quick change on stage for the photo. We were all glowing and it wasn't from a red drug! (Barry may have been overheating.)

P.S. There is still no sign of our malingering tree. 


  1. God love you Annie. I often think of you when buttering bread at my kitchen bench of a morning, why I'm not quite sure. I marvel at your 'normality' and amazing attitude, and give myself a swift uppercut for bemoaning cutting lunches and signing notes and finding missing library books. You are truly amazing ... and I love the new header.

    1. That fabric is gorgeous isn't it? As for bemoaning lunch cutting and note signing...I'm doing that right alongside you!
      Hope you don't mind if I pass your lovely turbans on to some other ladies who might not have the support that I did. I'm hoping to never need them again!

  2. I think so too Fiona (above)...mother's just keep on keeping on, no matter what....even to the point of stashing a fru fru dress..............
    And what joy a bit of pink lurex has obviously brought, ............gorgeous...both of you...x

  3. I love that photo of you and your littlest Annie and I love that barkcloth from Ms MMMC too. Pretty in pink and that's my wish for you too - that you stay in the pink, happy and healthy from now on forever.

    You know what a fluffie is, and you've got a gorgeous smile. You're awesome x

  4. Love that last photo!

    The bark cloth is glorious, far too precious to use, what if you changed your mind afterwards?! How much do you have? You could frame a small piece!

  5. You look so great! My daughter cuts her hair like yours. I always think of you when I see her. The pink barkcloth is a treat. You cannot beat MMMC for thoughtfulness. I'd be getting rid of all that head gear stuff too.

    There is no sign of a tree here either.

  6. Shoot! Look at Barry. He doesn't look like he's had chemo. You're looking gorgeous and I know someone who'd kill some taffeta for a dress like Shorty's.

    You could shred that fabric as I think I have metres more of it! It does look nice as a header.

    Actually is Barry breathing?

    1. Barry was breathing quietly.
      In fact he was a very quiet Santa and said very little outside his programmed banter.
      The fabric will lie dormant until I take it to the proper cushion making shop.

  7. How uplifting it is to read your blogg comments, knowing you are back on the road again !!!.... throwing out all those old clothes must have been thrilling... I am so pleased for you that all it going well, and those kids of yours, so photogenic and loving.. Hugs from across the world... as you live in Aussieland. [My son emigrated to be with his Australian wife who came from Perth... looking forward to getting out there to see the smashing places for myself one day...] in the mean time, as I said, hugs to you from the other side of the world... janzi

    1. Thanks, Janzi. They're not so loving today, just lying around being all teenage again.

  8. You and Shortpants look gloriously bonza.
    I love throwing out stuff. So renewing for the soul.
    I'd frame pieces of the barkcloth and then put what you want to hang in front turning them into a matching background for a couple of wall pics placed in that special place where dreams are made.

  9. Good to see you in the pink. Barry looks like a little boy in a school photo sitting next to two lively girls.


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