Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stalking Santa

Every year we go out looking for him. This year Shorty has run into him at the shops and at kindy but I fear there will not be a photo of the whole fivesome with the bearded one this year. Not unless I bribe them all with i-tunes cards. 
We saw his signature in the sky a few days ago like the Bat-signal. The local  Rotary Club has for many years, driven him around in a sleigh for a week before Christmas, a different set of streets every night. We never look up the Santa map. When we hear the Christmas musak on the sleigh speakers we'd go out stalking him, stopping every few streets and listening intently before hunting him down by ear. We missed stalking Santa this year. They were all busy and not as enthusiastic as when they were smaller.

Shorty believed me but there are more sceptics this year than ever before. I felt a pang when I found this.

So we set off in search off Santa to rekindle the Christmas spirit with some city sights as bait.

The City parade had camels and donkeys and tiny acrobats twirling above the crowd and sublimely singing nannas. Shorty liked the little pink princess up on her high throne best.

When the skies opened up we got soaked at the panto in the square under the enormous breathtaking tree. 

There was squealing and dancing and jumping in fluorescent puddles. The children did too.

 Crowds of Dads with crazy hats and mums with flashing earrings ran through the rain away from the dancing elves and helped each other with prams and toddlers and laughed together in the chaos of warm summer rain. It was joyous!
We caught a glimpse of Santa zooming away up the side of the parade on some turbo charged Santa-mobile. So this is the closest we got to the Santa photo for 2012. Que sera.

We conceded to Ho-ho-happy meals and got Starbucks for the first time ever. I know. 
They sell Christmas fare. Who knew?

It was even fun walking home in bare feet through the wet, shiny streets all blingy and fresh and cool. 

Is this a glimpse into the future when they go out together in the city without their mother taking photos from behind?

When you are soaked and excited and it's nearly Christmas even the zombie tunnels to the carpark are fun.

This zombie took a while to get to sleep last night. 
So, Santa, we didn't try hard enough to find you this year as some of us were distracted and some of us were cynical but we still had a ball. Wish you could have been there. We'll see you tonight though. Milk and bikkies on the patio around midnight? It's a date!

May all  your Christmases be merry and bright 
and your families close and tight 
because that's what it is all about.
 Loving each other hard while you can and cherishing being together!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! x


  1. Upon your good advice Annie, we shall love each other hard. My girls are sitting on the verandah playing cards, it's raining, the boy and his father are watching Iron Man, there's a pav in the oven. I've even wrapped the presents! Life sure can be sweet. Have a truly wonderful Xmas.

  2. So true!!! It really is all about being together. Merry Christmas to you and your family from New York. I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures.

  3. There was a piece on the national news last night where they talked to kids about how Santa got the job done and one little girl said Santa has an app on his iPad where he puts in each address and gets the names of the kids and what they want. How times have changed.

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours, Annie!

  4. I( got all teary at the end! A wonderful Xmas to you and the family and a healthy 2013! (Poor Shorty! Surrounded by cynics :( )

  5. Merry Christmas Annie, hope you have the nicest day with your loved ones. We squeezed in a Santa photo in late this afternoon just as the shops were shutting...I think it may be the last one with the three believers. xx

  6. A fun little outing for you all.
    Have a lovely Christmas my dear.

  7. Gorgeous...I took my three monkeys to town too last week...we had a great time, being petrified of Santa didnt even matter an inch, we were having too much fun to worry about it........Christmas, how on earth did it get here so quick.........I feel like I was sitting up waiting for Father Christmas to eat his biscuits and milk, only yesterday.....
    Heres to another year....what it will bring no body knows, I do know that...I will be looking at it with different eyes than I have this year........have a super special day tomorrow..full of love...x

  8. What a memorable night! I can just imagine the beauty of the lights walking home on shimmering streets...
    What a fun gang of kids, too. Just beautiful.

  9. Singing nanas??? I want to move to Oz now.
    Happy Christmas to you and your brood.

  10. Looks lovely there. I can't imagine bare feet and flip flops at Christmas time. Have a lovely Christmas Annie!

  11. Merry Christmas Annie to you and your gorgeous fam! Santa in the sky - love it!

  12. Merry Christmas Annie! Think we were a day behind you in the city, we went last night and just missed the Christmas train by about 15 minutes. Doh!. We did get the Santa photo and saw some suburban Christmas bling of lights though. Hope you have had a wonderful day surrounded by your gang. mel x

  13. aww, merry christmas to you all annie! I love Ella's list.

  14. I love these photo essays of your life. Makes me feel a part of your memories even though we live away. Happy Christmas to you and yours dear Annie. xxx

  15. Annie, thank you for so generously sharing your fantastic family life with us.
    I hope your Christmas was a cracker.(Even though they have been banned in some households we know.)
    I pray that 2013 sees you all dancing in the streets and opping on.

  16. What a day! Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family.


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