Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 IS a Magic Number

I have been procrastinating about Shorty's birthday. '3' has always been a big one here but with the work and the tiredness and the busy life we had not prepared anything. There were no Siberian juggling troupes, Wiggles or cleverly themed activities. We didn't even get the crocheted garlands up. Then yesterday afternoon I spotted her practising with a soft toy in the sandpit. She had made a cake and was singing a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to herself. Coupled with the guilt of sending her to kindy this week and losing last year's birthday photos I decided to do something very simple.

I asked the still two year old what SHE wanted.
She wanted to help make a cake with pink icing and to lick the spoon.
She painstakingly helped to put rainbow 'lol- lols' on top.

She wanted to blow out her candles and have us sing Happy Birthday with three cheers and a tiger afterwards.
She wanted her brothers and sisters and a couple of favourite neighbourhood kids over to share with her.
She wanted to share with me the divinely wrapped present gifted by the lairy godmother and lairy godsister,
then share a secret grin with Lairy herself.
She wanted to open presents and scoff cake then run, not walk, to the pool...
to float...
and natter.
When they had all left we found her back in the sandpit making cakes and singing to herself again...
and later found her curled up, self bedded, with the lovely Lala. The Siberian jugglers and Wiggles are still waiting by the phone and the cake won't go viral on Pinterest but it was one sweet and easy birthday...
and SHE loved it almost as much as we love her!


  1. Those are the best kind of birthdays. No chicken tossing though?

    1. The chicken has left the building. He is AWOL and may have to be replaced for the boys' pocking thirteenth!

  2. Looks like the perfect birthday party. Siberian jugglers are overrated.

  3. The cake bunting is cute. Did you make it?

    1. That is old home made bunting made from origami paper some Japanese students gave me. It was hanging on the dollhouse. I'll have to make some more.

  4. There is nothing a three year old would love more than to be in control of their own birthday bash. Outstanding birthday blog, Happy 3rd Birthday Shorty, that sand castle is fab.

  5. I'm with Deb. Where's the rubber chook? Looked like a lovely day for your three year old.xx

  6. Happy, happy birthday Miss M. What a wonderful day she had, even without the rubber chook ;D

  7. A simple yet loving way to celebrate being 3.
    Shorty is delightful with her finger definitely on life's pulse.

  8. What a terrific birthday. You'd think there'd also be a gift from the faraway Godmother. Despair not, it will be appearing forthwith!
    Happy Birthday little Miss!

  9. Aww so sweet. Love the look of the cake. Cakes with pink icing are the best.x

  10. This is the best birthday party post I've read in a long time. Divine!


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