Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Nest is Empty

Sadly, I had to send this tiny tyke off to the salt mines this morning. You will observe, she was inconsolable...
putting on a brave front as she miserably performed her ablutions.
That decorated lunch baggy has guilt written all over it.
Stangely, Shorty ran to the car so fast I couldn't get a photo of her.
She settled in quickly with her new 'famille de plastique'. Lucky they had 'people' so she felt right at home.
This is me having a coffee... in a cafe... without a bowl of chips or a milkshake or a bubbacino in sight. Alone... having a coffee. I couldn't bring myself to go home. I did a lot of out- of- the- house chores. I caved and rang the kindy.
"Sorry, Emma. I have to know. Is she okay?"
"She is singing and dancing on the mat, Annie."
"Point taken."
Alone again. Deja vu!
P.S. Note the remnants of phone numbers in the new diary. Being the stubborn luddite that I am, I like to handwrite those out every year just to savour and add and delete them. I also favour the fabulous erasable pen for filling out forms and phone numbers etc. However it turns out that if you leave documents written in erasable pen in your hot car for an hour or so, all the numbers turn invisible. Great for spies. Not so great for legally binding documents I guess. Just saying... because I have the time to muse on such things... now...


  1. I have a number of days to myself now too. It's a strange feeling. It is lovely to see how settled your little one is in her new establishment. Enjoy the time to catch your breath when you can. xx

  2. WOW! What a red letter day! Wish I had been there!

  3. That IS an exciting day! You'll look forward to time to yourself. Yes you will!

  4. She's just gorgeous.
    Love her bright, happy dress and isn't it wonderful that she's enjoying herself.
    You'll be okay Mum.

    1. You are the master. Now I feel guilty for being such a sook when yours is at boarding school! Shorty is just so little...

  5. Well done Maya. Well done Annie! You should be proud of raising such a well adjusted young'n. I know what you mean tho..she is such a little ray of sunshine to have around. Still only for a couple of days. Coffe on!! LG

  6. It takes a village to raise a child and she is just going for a play in another part of the village. She is a cutie, hope you wrote my number down. ERASABLE INK what will they think of next, I feel a little out of the loop here.

  7. As a fellow empty nester, my empathy is total.
    But, for Shorty the blur, it's bliss.
    Great keeping this memory alive.
    It does get worse. Boarding school sapped me in every way.
    At least, I hope to see her lining up her fellow "sufferers" in colour matching lines.
    To have a new lot of little people to organise would have contributed to her bliss.

  8. You are all such wise and lovely women, newbies and oldies! She had another lovely day today. All is well in the 'other part of the village' it seems!


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