Monday, March 19, 2012


Yesterday was a busy day of biopsies, birthdays and, yes, bumps. This was on the side of the road on the way back from Nanna Freddo's. Is it just me or does that look a lot like Lefty staring at the ceiling of the biopsy room. The only way is up, Lefty. There were more signs.Having had quite enough of the 'Keep Kate' PR in our local Ashgrove elections, this sign rang a truer note for me. Keeping Lefty is a higher priority today.
Another sign that all will be well was seeing these two bonny boys turning thirteen yesterday. They have grown into such funny, life loving, vigorous people and I love being around them.
They were even kind enough to accept the humble offering of a single birthday cake baked by their eleven year old brother. The offspring ate every crumb of that e-numbered up delicacy.
I came home from needle city to find sisterly love and support and friendship, child minding and cheerful people.
They all had the restraint and kindness not to 'talk about the war' as my Mum says because, frankly, I was over it. We drank tea and laughed and opened gifts.
These sweet people are a sign that all will be fine in our corner of the world.
So I watched my big boys...... being the loveable, affectionate energetic teenagers they are.
They chose to go to their favourite epicurean palace for dinner. Big Fella took this photo on his phone. He likes it because of the salt and pepper in the foreground. It's like them- completely opposite in some ways but perfect together. It's a sign!


  1. Happy birthdays B1 and B2, love you all, great cake. Hope they enjoyed the Samoan Birthday song.

    1. They loved it and were very impressed that you remembered and rang from another country!

  2. Sure is! Hear hear to everything you've said!

  3. Annie hoping all turns out ok. You are so lucky to have such a supportive loving family. x

  4. Gorgeous family Annie.
    The best sign will be the big thumbs up from the doctor when results come through.
    Thinking of you.

  5. Beautiful photos of you and your family. I didn't realise you had twins as well :-) Sending you happy cheery thoughts from Hobart xx

  6. A clear sign at that too. Best wishes to the lads. xx

  7. Are your birthday boys twins??? Lovely lads they are. All signs are positive!

  8. Love and support from the Gold Coast Annie.
    You are truly blessed with a wonderful family.
    Loved the Big Fella's pic - perfect.
    Great cake as well. Such loving , giving children.
    Time to smell the roses.

  9. I'm liking all the signs. You have every reason for everything to turn out well. And you have to make them a cake each next year! Maybe one can get a 'one' and the other one can get a 'four'.

    Everything's crossed here.xxxx

  10. Hello. My eyes are still crossed. Despite that fact, I'm on the left side of the road and on this journey with you. xo

  11. Hi Annie
    I have twin boys , fraternal aged six ...and a 19 yr old (who is adopted)
    I'm stalking your archives.


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