Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Vinaigrette to Inform You...

vinaigrette: n. a small aromatic bottle or box for holding aromatic vinegar, smelling salts.....
gifted Clarice Cliff bowls, softy dingoes, rocks, worry beads, tangled crochet garlands, etc, etc......
Just in case you were wondering!


  1. As I've said before we've pinched this meaning for the word from you ... but sadly I am no vinaigrette master, or should that be mistress?

    Is that the softy dingo top right? Scary!

  2. I've pinched it too. IN my head anyway.

  3. Still trying to get my head around that word but my, what a lovely assortment of goodies you have...That dingo does look scary! :)

  4. I thought it was a Tasmanian devil!
    Silly me. (I was going to say something tasteless about dingoes, but refrained).
    I DO love the cat though.
    More info on it please.

  5. Is that a home made "softie" on the shelves? Reminds me of a Bjorn Wiinblad figurine ... nice!

  6. Yup! She's one of three I made my girls and Anna from Shiny Happy Art. They were based on an idea I saw in the GOMA shop that was way out of my price range.


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