Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Observations on Day Three

Why is it whenever I get the youngest off for a few days and get freed up to work, something crops up? A pregnancy (bump), a cancer (lump), a bad hair cut (frump)...

What does one wear to meet your new doctor/ new best friend/ person who might cut off your breast? Is there an etiquette here? Frankly I'll be lucky to remember to wear shoes.

Damn! I'm getting a pimple!

I must finish Paula's painting.

Can you take paint into a hospital?

If you paraphrase the poem 'New Shoes' by Frida Wolfe, you can write an inspirational breast poem.

'New boobs, new boobs.
Small or big or round boobs.
Tell me which would you choose?
Like some? So would I!'

Lucky it's my left breast so I can keep using my right arm to make and do.

Why do husbands go into themselves and wives go outside themselves?

Has anyone fed the chooks lately?

I need to buy pies for the boarders' afternoon tea.

Who will I give my new bras to? Can I just stick a rolled up sock in one cup?

I have big breasts. If one is gone will I veer to the right like a wonky shopping trolly. ( They'll just think I've been tippling at pick up time.)

Why does Oreo icing stick to one biscuit only? Can Oreo's give you cancer? I have never eaten an Oreo.

By the age of thirty seven I realised I'd driven through Paris in a sportscar with the warm wind in my hair. (Okay it was a camper van but it was cool!)

For the first time since Paris in a camper the big fella is getting ringlets back in his hair. I like his hair longer. I like hair. Will mine grow back curly?

The original Hi 5 were better although Kelly couldn't sing for peanuts.

I don't want to go to the shops in case somebody hugs me and I start to cry again.

My head is no longer cold.

How much emergency bush remedy is too much?

If I am bald I might get my eyebrows shaped like my sister does. I have always wanted to try that.

Should I repaint my toenails for the doctor so she doesn't think me scruffy?

It's hard to put nail polish on when your hands are shaking.

What time am I on the election stall at school tomorrow?

When the doctor asks, 'Are you allergic to anything?' I want to answer, 'Just cancer.'

The breast clinic just rang. I forgot to cancel my routine annual breast screen and they were chasing me up for the mammogram I should be at now. She said I could come back to them if I get the all clear in FIVE YEARS. WHAT?! This is going to go on for 5 years. Anyway I only have to go back if I have breasts. So there's an up side to mastectomy- no more mammograms. Not that there's anything wrong with mammograms.

I appear to be rambling.


  1. Darl ramble away as much as you like and we'll keep listening :]

    I think you should paint your toenails bright red. Red is such a power color! So hot and feisty ;]

    Much love


  2. What to wear to the Doctors? Wear something you don't have to it is one less job you have to do while you are so pre-occupied with all the thoughts racing through your head. xx

  3. Rambling woman. I agree with Kim red toenails are sensational, you can't overdose on bush flower and shaped eyebrows are like a mini face lift. I love how the black bird in the painting is cocooned in the branches, all safe and happy. Play nice with your new friend, listen but only to the good stuff and try hard to hear the message of love in the big fella's silence. xoxo

  4. We love a good ramble. I've just been washing mildew off my walls, and it struck me that no-one's asked how your husband's coping. If he's like mine, he'll be all matter-of-fact and ready to fight the fight. Have you mentioned anything to the kids yet?
    I'm going to recommend a blog to you, not that I'm a follower, but I've heard her story through various other blogs. Her name's Jane and she was diagnosed with breast cancer over twelve months ago, and she has a 'Cancer FAQ' page, and she lists her 'top 12 tips' for anyone else diagnosed. Whether it's any help to you I don't know, but you might like to have a look. Have a look at and in particular
    Enough sticking my nose in for today. All the best this afternoon and thankyou for keeping us updated.

  5. You're allowed to ramble.

    As for Fiona's suggestion, I follow the Pear Tree House blog. If you do go back through her posts, I'm know you'll find some help. Her FAQ is a good list. I was hoping I'd never have to recommend it to anyone.

    Good luck with the doctor. I'd say 'stuff the boarder's afternoon tea' and 'stuff the election stall'. Start pressing the selfish button.

  6. I'd thought of Jane too. Love a ramble. Paint your toes the colour of a rainbow perhaps, to match your knitting.

  7. I haven't left a comment til now because I just didn't know what to say. I still don't know what to say. But keep rambling, blogging, letting it out, doing what you need.
    Thinking of you. xx

  8. Firstly your ramblings are more than acceptable as ramblings go. Secondly, it will all be ok. I know this because I have discovered as of your last post that you are one of those higher order mothers who let their children play the euphonium. I always wondered what kind of selfless woman could go down the euphonium path and now i know. Incidentally, did you see Maxabella's post on Euphoniums a while back? Was so funny I think I wet my pants. will try and find you the link- not that I am encouraging you to wet your pants, but belly laughing could be useful. Secondly, I second the rainbow nail polish. Thirdly, i too would be spewing about the new bra situation, I haven't had one since around 2008 I think. Lastly, wishing you all the best for whatever is next on the path. melx

  9. I read your news two nights ago before bed, I fell asleep thinking about you. Then I woke up thinking about you. Last night I read your update, and I read all of the lovely comments from your friends, friends that you've met and those you've never met in person.
    At first I imagined that this all must be so much more difficult to deal with when you have your children to take care of through it all, then I saw that picture of you sleeping with your daughter and it struck me how it's the little ones, our children who give us so much strength and will obviously be foremost in your mind through this battle. They will carry you through, your beautiful kiddos.
    And the loving words of support and encouragement and humor from your friends has me all choked up. You are loved!! I feel I'm just getting to know you through your wonderful blog, and I love you too.
    I appreciate the time you take to write your thoughts, your updates, and the ramblings. You and your family are in my thoughts throughout my days, and in my prayers as well.
    I'm right are so so many others.
    Sending you a giant cyber hug,


  10. P.S. I love that painting!!!

  11. What MMMC said. It's time to be selfish. Isn't there a book called My Left Breast? Maybe it was foot. I duuno. You won't topple over, we'll be here to hold you up. See? Rambling is good.

    1. HA! You made me laugh. My left Breast indeed! Was it the one with Daniel Day Lewis, buxom lad!?

  12. My Ma-in-law had breast cancer years ago, how could I have forgotten to tell you that. She's fine and dandy and pushing 81. She does not veer to the right ... except maybe at Christmas when she's been at the sherry.

    Routine mammograms happen every three years here and don't start until you're in your very late forties. I'm due my second this summer. I want to live somewhere where they happen annually.

  13. hi Annie I am really sorry you do have to go through this. Really really sorry. I am not sure when you are having surgery or the extent of it - there will be a few options for you to consider I suspect but my three tips are (1) get it over with asap (2) don't worry about the children and keep it very very simple when you are explaining it to them (the Vic Anti Cancer Council makes a fantastic booklet which explains how to articulate the concepts to small children I am sure there will be something similar in Qld (3) try and arrange food and cleaning and stuff for when you get home, you won't be able to drive or pick stuff up for at least 10 days. It looks like you have family around you so that will help a lot.

    And the other tip my father gave me which was useful is to try not to over think things . It sounds horrendous but you are in the system now, just let them take care of you.

    You don't seem to have an email address if you want to email me please do I have plenty more things to tell you!!

    I am thinking of you. You will be okay.

  14. I've been following Jane's story as well.
    She again, is a strong mother and is artistic.
    I too,loved the photo Lala took.
    Pure love undistilled.
    This is the Big One for the Big Fella.
    I've been thinking of him as well. He'll have no words, but feels his heart breaking.
    Remember to live in the present moment.
    Hard to do.

  15. Annie, ramble away. So sorry to hear that u r going through this. Thinking of you. xo

  16. Oh dear, not what I was expecting to read from you this week....Sending you a big Hug Annie....It's one of those really, really, really tight ones filled with love and warmth and best wishes, and if you start to cry, I'll cry with you! How lucky you are to have your beautiful family and friends surrounding you with love, joy and distractions.... You take care, I'm sure everything will be all okay....
    Karen X

  17. Hi Annie, I am so sorry to hear you ended up joining the club no one wants to join, but thought if I told you I am 3 and a half years along the road from you, and life does go on, and it does get better, although you wont believe anyone telling you that right now. Have hope, fight, live as normally as you can. I will be willing you on. God Bless xxx


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