Saturday, March 3, 2012

the Naked Chefs

Oh, how I wish I could show you those chubby little tushies planted on the yellow and turquoise stools. They chose to cook in their birthday suits because it suited them. It was also a stinker of a day.So here's how you do it.

1. Get last night's left over pizza dough and pummel, squeeze, nibble and pat it into a pizza shape.
2. Drop cheese and pineapple and other stuff that was put in front of you on the dough.
3. Clump some big bits right in the middle just to see if your mother's obsessiveness will force her to divide and conquer the pineapple pieces.

4. Pass the food bits back and forth, eat, taste, distribute onto pizza, drop on floor, return as desired. Delicious! It's a triumph! (To be consumed in a cubby with a refreshing glass of your best milk.) Cheers!


  1. Great minds think alike, hey! Too cold here this weekend for naked cooking, though.

  2. Oh god, I always have to redistribute the pineapple too - I can't help myself!!! Really love reading your blog, always puts a smile on my dial :)

  3. Oh they are just too cute. Miss Liongirl has taken to naked tap dancing. It's the new thing. melx

  4. They are very cute! I bet food tastes better when you've got no worried about spilling it down your dress-front.

    Maya is such a grown-up little girl!

  5. Those two are so sweet! Love the braids on the little one.

  6. Nudie cooking, it sure would save on washing.

  7. Why is it that when ever you want to take photos of the kids they are always nude! ( I think that's when they are at their cutest!) I have so many naked photos I wish I could post and most of them in the kitchen too, saves a load of extra washing sometimes...
    Your little naked chefs look like pro's, I'd eat one of those Pizzas right now if it was in front of me!

  8. Disgusting and badmannered as most decent people don´t allow naked arses at a dinner table. Are you poor or just bragging about your free spirits? Pathetic. You need a donation?

    1. I am sorry to have offended you. I am sorry to have encountered you. It was over forty degrees on that day and it was not the dinner table. They were just playing and cooking and getting in and out of the bath to stay cool. Life is too short to be mean spirited. It really is.


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