Saturday, March 24, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby!

Here is one of my beautiful assistants providing distraction and laughter for the locals.He had his first rugby union match today and came home filthy, exhilarated and beaming.
Shorty shared the joy.
I thought she might share her lunch if he didn't stop.
When enough was enough there was the gratuitous humour in seeing a small child unable to stand up straight, (we're getting the laughs any way we can today.)
followed by a brief moment of uncertainty
and a rousing request to do it all again!


  1. Kids are always good for a laugh aren't they!

  2. Adorable. I have video of my kids spinning around and around then unable to walk - makes me laugh every time! Very hard to capture a photo of moving targets - well done!

  3. What joy! Reminds me of the art orientation camp. Did he have a shower after the rugby because he looks very clean. I must photograph my boys after a day at school in Samoa, they are literally mud boys and break times are both only 20 minutes.

    1. He was not allowed to sit on anything until he had scrubbed himself HARD!

  4. Gee I miss having a little shorty to spin around. Mine love spinning around the lawn now, arms outstretched, followed of course by the dizziness and falling over. Simple fun.

  5. Too funny. Simple things are the best. Keep it simple I say!

  6. Lovin that gorgeous grin in the last photo :]

  7. That is just pure joy, you are one very lucky mama. Kids sure know how to live in the moment don't they, perhaps go do some twirling yourself if the day is a grey one. melx

  8. Cute! What a lovely big brother.


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