Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fleeting Shadows

Last night, I lay on the floor of Shorty's room repeatedly asking her that sleep inducing question- 'Where are the green sheep?" The big lamp was on as the ceiling lights had blown. Propped on the floor with my eyelids getting heavier ...I noticed the interesting shadows the light was casting from the old mobile. I may have told you this mobile was made by one of my students, Corrina, in London when she was 12 (my big boys' age now). I taught at her special school in the mid-90's.
The mobile is quite special to me although I'm sure Corrina would have no recollection of making it or giving it to me. She had some severe disabilities to deal with but a smile that would light up a room.
"Where is the bright Corrina?", I wondered drowsily.
Then it all got a bit abstracted.

When I woke up the self bedder had given up on finding the where-abouts of the green sheep. Corrinna would be thirty now. Time flies.
Tomorrow we lose the cot for the fifth and final time!


  1. Oh my! Abstract dreams are wonderful.

  2. The abstract black and whites are pretty.

    I'm always impressed with Shorty's self bedding. Congratulations on tomorrow's cot transition - a big day.

  3. Shadows accompany light.
    Thank you, Corrina, for your light.
    I so love the sleeping one dropping where she finds herself, overcome ,in an instant, by slumber.

  4. Funny how some people make an impact in our lives, and never mean to, and possibly never realise they have done so.

  5. Wow those shadows, I wonder if the big lamp will be on every night now.

  6. Spacey shadows, incredible shadows, but definitely spacey!

    Lives touch lives, perhaps only for a moment, yet sometimes indelible marks are left ... it is a thing that has always fascinated me. But I'm guessing if you remember Corinna then she remembers you, because it mostly seems to work like that.

    Good luck with the cot farewells!

  7. What a big day, my friend. And I also think of the Corinna I never met every time I see a child's sun drawing, and hanker for the imagination to draw many many suns. We're all growing up!

  8. I remember Corinna and your tap dancing in the toilets? No wonder you remember her smile, you are very funny and fun. What lovely love you gifted each other.

  9. I'm glad you all met Corinna and that this little light could shine into others lives. It was long ago and far away and I do not remember tap dancing in the toilets but I'm glad you and the kids enjoyed it, Ms Julie!


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