Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If You Build It She will Come

This morning I had high hopes of getting out there and looking for more work. Shorty had a more relaxed schedule planned. If you had x-ray vision you would see cogs turning.

We decided to build a cubby. There was a wall,
a charming gabled roof and decorative dangly bits.

The crocheted bunting turns up all over our place. The pattern for the little ones is from ingthings and the big star pattern was from the Royal Sisters. The stars used to hang in the back room but have faded over the last year so now they will be play bunting.

Non-verbal stuffed friends like Dora and Ted sufficed for a while....

but the faraway gaze indicated something was missing.
So we phoned a friend. There has been cubby- reading, cubby- eating, cubby- hiding- under- a- blanket- and- laughing- yourself- silly and cubby- two year old banter that I can't quite follow. It is a special dialect. I still haven't got a new job but this one feels pretty good today.


  1. GREAT CUBBY! I took the girls to the park today (where they promptly needed to go to the toilet on the FAR SIDE of the HUGE park... hmmmm). I think cubbies may be in order this weekend. Yours looks quite styled my dear - I believe you just can't help it!

  2. Yes, I loved doing that as a little. Imaginations are a wonderful thing, especially yours! Love Shorty's new hairdo too.

  3. The delights of den building. I miss two year old chatter, far preferable to the huhs and whatevers I get from my youngest!

  4. What do you mean you still don't have a new job? Construction manager is your new calling. Nice job mate!

  5. Love the photos, and the cubby is divine!!

    Shorty is one lucky cubby-dweller!

    And really, that top orange sheet is the bomb! Martha just saw your photos and said, "That is M. Where is me, Mum? Where is me?"

    We'll have to come over next time it's 'cubby time'!

  6. Anna: Looks can be deceiving. It was two sheets and pegs! The bunting is on everything she since I took it down- multipurpose!

    De: She has taken to wearing those Ikea food sealing clips in her hair. I do so love the pig tails just for that nook ing the back of the neck!

    Annie: She makes more sense than any of the older people here!

    Julie: Ironically, I got another contract and hour after the 'build'. Dang!

    MMMC: That sheet is in the impossible to cut cupboard. I found a black one the same a year later in the same oppy but it is not deemed pretty enough by the pre teens. Come on down to cubby time after your move and the next work stint for me.

    DMC: Just bring your knee pads!


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