Thursday, February 23, 2012


Spotted lunching in the expensive old stuff district today was the famous Martha McMarvelous Child (MMMC) and her beautiful assistant.
While Shorty contemplated the delicious hardness of a nice practical stool, Miss Martha preferred to luxuriate in the comfort of plushy pink velvet.
This apple fell in close proximity to its tree, perusing a bit of West German juggery.
Wake up and smell the roses, Shorty.
They're going to follow us around like that all morning unless we shake them up a bit. Want to run like a Bitossi bull in a China shop?


  1. Ah, you take the most beautiful photos. Look at them holding hands. I think Martha was quite chuffed having a friend at last. I was seriously exhausted by the end! Is that 'middle-age' do you think?

    PS You forgot to mention that Shorty has it all-over everyone when it comes to Babyccinos.

  2. MMM: I think it's just parenthood!

  3. Oh, they're so adorable! I saw a sneak peek of someone. Did you gals buy anything?

  4. I'm with Miss Martha McMarvellous on the seating choice, but Shorty on the abandonment of shoes ... I could be barefoot in velvet any day ;D

  5. What a fun day was had by four lovely ladies!

  6. Two of my favourite little girls ... together! Bliss.

  7. I have only just seen that last photo. Fabbo.


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