Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking Towards the Light

Late this afternoon I was relaxed enough to notice a lovely golden light as it crept into the front room. Lately I have not been noticing these things. It hit the inside of the owner-builder dolls house and made the balsa glow. Even the valiant Valentine's Day flowers perked up under its warming rays, straining for a little tickle to the chlorophyll.

That light pushed its way through the dusty old textured glass window that I hate and almost made me love it- for a brief moment.

I have always loved that golden end of day light, how it coats everything in its honey gauzy glow.

Outside the weatherboards take on a sharpness...
as strong shadows pop out from the horizontal rays.
The glorious late summer Saturday put itself to bed,
shot a few last rays through the grass seeds...
and kissed the old farmhouse good night
while I sat and had a cold ginger beer to see it off.


  1. So so so beautiful. I haven't been noticing the light much lately either. Thank you for the reminder, Annie. x

  2. Maxabella: We all need to be reminded sometimes. I'm just grateful that some good people helped the muse back today so I was able to see again. Does that make me a Grateful Post? I'm going to link up anyway!

  3. I can tell you're an artist by the way you study light. I'm a dummy who never thinks of it.

  4. I agree with Debbish. You're clever how you can see the light. I think you've set a good example that we should all stop once and a while to observe what the silent light says.

    PS What are those book shelves you have in the lounge room?

  5. Wendy: Thanks and hello to you!

    Deb: I'm just looking for a distraction so I don't have to focus on the washing that is having a rebellion in the laundry.

    MMMC: The light said to me, make a quick snacks dinner and flop in the old chair with a cool drink. I wish I could tell you something very funky about the shelves. They are but humble Billys from Ikea. We found the wider ones sag and give out under our books so we get the narrow ones now and cube them up. They are more flexible to reposition when you get sick of them too.


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