Saturday, February 18, 2012


After a long few weeks and a fulsome day some mothers might scrape together anything for the hungry hordes and have them think it is delicious. The facial garnish is by way of an apology for the nutritionally questionable food. (The one on the left is judging me.)
After playing cricket all afternoon, some people come home and play more cricket.After some rain and lots of sun, some flowers are positively throbbing with colour.
After swimming all day with tweeny girlfriends, some people lie down and stare at the screen because they are too tired to move.
After being out socialising for three weeks, some people make a circle of dwellings in their room and find their centre.
Ater hanging with the boys in the hood watching cricket all afternoon, some people collapse on the bed all legs eleven and have a well earned nanna nap.
After the last week we are all strangely chilled tonight, playing at our games and instruments and toys and just mooching in the loveliest way. I feel like I am wagging something.


  1. That is definitely one judgey hash brown thingy!

    I liked this post. Afters are like the forgotten pleasure. x

  2. I remember weekends like that with my lot, they seem a long time ago! Feeling like you're wagging something is just the perfect description :D

  3. That's a perfect way to end the day!

  4. Ahh, that top dinner looks okay to me. I've completely hit-the-wall in terms of what to serve for dinner. I'm taking the top picture as a recipe.

  5. That circle of enquiry is a cracker. You have definitely been working too much- that hash brown told me so, it's been on instagram you know, while you were at work. melx


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