Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week End

Friday night everyone was so tired. We got them all off early so we'd be fresh for the relaxing week end ahead.
Saturday began sunny and fresh. It had rained through the night but the sky was a soaring blue.
It was the perfect day for one to go to a birthday party, another to have his first game of high school cricket, one to go to the markets with her best friend and her groovy mother....
and for the rest of us to go to another favourite place of ours. We hadn't been for a few months. We waited patiently for our turn.
Shorty's knee began to hurt in anticipation.
There were gibbons and elephants and giraffes...
tame lions you can pet and zebras.
They even give you cool souvenirs to take home once you work out how to use them.
I should have my own carpark at this place- seriously!
Cluedo: It was the big toe in the fancy new school with a very heavy wooden trestle table.


  1. Oh no. hope the toe is on the mend.
    And Shorty is going for the mismatched shoes look it seems. I guess shes making the most of it while she can still get away with it. x

  2. Oh my word. Shorty should lend him her other pair of matching shoes.

  3. I know the mis-matched shoe phenomenon.

    And I detest that place you're so often at.

    Maybe you should quietly suggest one of those lads think of studying Medicine!

  4. Silly me ... from the first waiting room picture I thought you were at the hairdresser's!
    Touch wood, none of my troops have required medical attention ... yet!

  5. Oh, no. Not where you want to spend your weekend, i'm sure. The mismatched shoes are very cute, though.

  6. I thought you had gone bowling! And Soph has been wearing odd shoes all weekend too! Can't believe your life and the amount of times you have to go to the dr. Glad it's not only when I'm there tho. Has someone from the govt rung you about your parenting yet? Honestly, what a fortnight you're having. I might have to drop in next weekend...

  7. I too thought you were at the bowling alley, you know they keep records.

  8. Not a bad idea to open a bowling alley there. It would pass the (considerable) time. Normally I think it's what comes of having active kids but this one happened in an exam moving the tables back. It was, however, the gym which gives it more sports injury cudos. I feel like I know all the familiar faces there now. As for Shorty's shoes., I didn't even notice as I am so used to them now!

  9. I thought it was a lesser than Kenmore library.
    Small stuff even looks as though she's having fun.
    How sad is that?

  10. Weren't you just there 5 minutes ago? Are all of your boys called Harry? I read an article once that boys called Harry had a disproportionate tendency to end up in emergency departments. Roboboy has not been once ( touch wood) to emergency but has had several stays for his other random chronic medical issues. His name is one of that short list most often screamed by frazzled mothers in shopping centres instead. thinking of you. melx

  11. I too was loving Shorty's choice of shoes. Too cute. Way too much time in the ED. How are the crutches going at school? x

  12. DMC: Now I miss the Kenmore Library!

    BG: I always wanted a Harry but just couldn't put it with the other boy name. Shorty would have been a Harry but was a girl and her cousin grabbed it a few months before anyway.Now I am wracking my brain to figure out his name. I might have one of them. Was that me screaming. I can be frazzled from time to time.

    MultipleM: Have we discussed multipleness before. I know not for I am a doddering and bewildered tired one who should be in bed. The crutches were too hard with the sports gear and books. I left mine at home too. They could have caused an injury!


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