Friday, February 3, 2012

Not-So-Wonder Woman

It's been a long week. I went back to work full time. It wasn't planned but happened by chance because a friend needed a favour. It was just a week. Now it's two. I loved the work. The home part was challenging. Tonight I may need a long bath and a lie down. Shorty took it all very well and appears to have emerged untraumatised having been dropped off in a maelstrom of school hats and bananas every morning and baby sat for an entire week. It would be interesting to read her mind about it all. Some psychologists use toys and play to find out what little children are thinking. I eavesdropped on her bath game.
These two are Daddy (Superman) and Grandad (white haired critter). Fair enough.
Oh, look. This is (Wonderwoman) Nanna who looked after her all week while she was abandoned by her mother.
This one was Shorty herself with her unusual and questionable outlook. This one is also comparatively short. It's not difficult to get why she matched these beloved people to these characters.
I am a little concerned as to the choice of character portraying her mother though. Have you guessed it?
Hmmm. I need to spend some quality time with that child on the week-end.


  1. Oh hilarious! You need to go to rancho relaxo like Marge. Have a restful weekend. xx

  2. It could have been worse, she could have had you pegged as Homer ;D Hope you get to put your feet up over the weekend :D

  3. That first shot is fantastic!
    So funny. Marge seems like such a patient Mother. What a compliment; unless it was the hair.

  4. Look at how beautifully Marge is dressed though! Obviously she was impressed with how you looked all week! Now you can just repeat what you wore for the next. Enjoy it!

  5. Oh, that is funny. I always found out what was going on with my youngest because she would come home and act the whole day out word for word in her bedroom. Loudly.

  6. Brismod: Rancho Relaxo sounds like my own private Idaho but I doubt I'll get there. Perhaps if I put a lock back on the bathroom I can pretend!
    Annie: Sometimes Superman can gt a bit Homeresque. Could that be the confusion?
    Raine and Sage: The hair! Of course! I forgot you knew what I really looked like!
    Anna: Does that mean I need to do laundry? I wish I knew how to write that long suffering grumble that Marge makes.
    Deb: It is a form of toddler espionage. I just hope she doesn't act out the breakfast shenanigans to Nanna and Grandad!

  7. That's funny! Well done to everyone for getting through the week. Have a great weekend.

  8. I purposefully don't send Martha to day care because I'm worried what she may let slip!

    Marge is the only one Shorty's cuddling ...

    Another week of work is excellent! This is all good, you'll see.

  9. Too funny!
    It's good and relaxing at the hairdressers, isn't it?
    Not good tho' if they're colour blind.

  10. Hihihi, love this. And, I wish I had a bathtub like that!
    Take care of yourself, have that lie down :)

  11. I love how Marge's dress appears to twirl, she is elegant yet seems bewildered as to how she ended up in her current situation. How much longer are you working for?

  12. CC: It has been an interesting one so far.

    MMMC: Marge is no fashionista but she is beloved.

    DMC: I vaguely remember the hairdresser but haven't been for, it seems, about a year.

    Olivia: That is the laundry tub and Shorty has used it since she came home from the hospital. It is her special treat now.

    Julie: My pyjamas don't twirl but I am always bewildered as to how I ended up in my current situation. You got it!


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