Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Blue Room

It is delightful being back at work with the Childerbeasts but I am missing my little Shorty friend immensely and am very tired. Being at work is the least demanding time of the day. That and the few minutes alone in the Blue Room.

When I have finished picking people up and dropping them off and doing another couple of hours helping the new high schoolers with their homework, I like to sit in the sun room in the dark. I forget about it till I'm turning off the lights to go to bed. Then I notice the Christmas lights that never made it down, making the room all glowy and blue.

It is rather still and special to sit alone in the peace of the late evening, looking at the mountain and faint glow of the city beyond . I should go to bed but then it seems I will wake up almost immediately and start again. So I forfeit some sleep for the luxury of doing nothing, being wanted by nobody and not having to be anywhere by a certain time... in the blue room.

PS It seems women who work have always had this problem as explained here so succinctly by the marvellous Madeleine Kahn.


  1. Isn't it exhausting working during the day and then coming home to a family? Truly. I know exactly how you feel. And then blogging is the last thing you want to do. Besides which, there's no material!

    And I know how sad it is to miss your little friend. She'll have grown by the end of the week, and you'll think she's a different person.

    But we need to work ... if you can manage the balance it'll be worth it.

  2. I do that too ... trade sleep for me time ... I even have the still-up Christmas lights (white ones here) I just don't have the mountain through the window.

    The work/life balance thing sure is a tough nut to crack, but I'll only worry about you when you lose your sense of humour ... perfect link ;D

  3. I love the blue. And we didn't have lights up this year, but I think I want to put some up now. It's like you're really celebrating your me-time. Enjoy the next 2 work days. Now I'm off to bed.

  4. It is a hard balance, work and home. I give you gals all the kudos for being able to do it. I like your blue room.

  5. Do you work full time, Annie?
    That's really bad, if necessary.
    Shame too about small stuff.
    Surely all schools could accommodate short persons in a pre-pre-school class for the staff's childers!
    Women keep the society going but society doesn't keep them going.
    It's scandalous.

  6. DMC: Unfortunately I am not stoic enough to work full time. In fact I am only just contemplating part time. This was just a work holiday teaching something I really enjoy to some lovely kids for a friend- a bit of an exception.


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