Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where was I?

You know it is time for the childerbeasts to return to school when:

* You are driving them for a much anticipated outing to the art gallery and on the way you suddenly forget the destination and have to ask the eye-rolling children where we were going- including the bewildered cousin in the back.

* You get out of the shower and find your sunnies on top of your head.

* You spray your armpits with Glen 20 room deodoriser instead of deodorant- two days in a row.

* You forget the thermos for the children's party but remember the rubber chicken and a couple of rolls of Contact just in case there's time to cover a few more books between candles.

* You forget one of the candles. There were only two of them, both 1's making an '11'. We told them to eat cake.
I may be ditzy, but I'm germ free and smell like freshly laundered linen! I can also fling a mean chicken!


  1. That sounds like me and I don't have chicks! Welcome to my world.

  2. The labels to this post are a post in themselves ... love it!

    And the rope was for?

  3. Yippee back to school! I've done the shower thing.

    I love hearing about how scatter-brained other women can be. Makes me realise I may not be headed down the dementia path just yet, or that we're all headed down the dementia path at the same time.

    Enjoy MBA! Exciting.

  4. Oh my. No Glen 20 here, instead hair spray once. x

  5. Teehee... where does one buy a rubber chicken?

  6. I'm with Deb on this one.
    Ouch to the Glen20.
    But then, one or more of my off-spring have seriously diagnosed parental dementia recently.
    I do relate to the "lost in traffic" attack.
    TG for round-abouts.

  7. I used to wear my glasses into the shower all the time. Now it seems I'm lucky to get a shower at all.
    At least everything is a blog post now! Love the chook too. Not sure where ours went. And I think we got it from Remo, Cam.
    Happy school days, Annie. One down here, and three to go tomorrow!

  8. Deb: The chicks are the easy ones!

    Annie: The reason for rope will be revealed in the next post- titillating!

    MMMC: I don't mind the dementia path as long as I have good company. Nutters have more fun.

    Zara: One of my besties did that on Teacher Prac. You know who you are, Juju. Problem was she also used the deodorant on to her very blonded hair sending it a bit blue. We were student art teachers though so it just gave her more street cred.

    CurlyPops: That little fella came from a dollar shop years ago and has become a staple in the birthday format- also to be explained in the next post.

    DMC: I could well have ended up in the sea if I had not snapped to and turned right at the city!

    Anna: They all went today. Even Shorty put on a uniform and took a backpack and lunchbox.

  9. Anna: They wouldn't let me leave her there. Said she was too short!


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