Friday, January 6, 2012

Hitting the Deck- Part One

Something has been going on out the front for a while. I have shown some snippets but thought I might put them in some order to show you the progress.

This was the front entrance which is now the secret entrance for the occupants. It was okay but a motorbike had moved into it and it was all a bit blah. It was also uncovered which meant we all got wet when it rained getting to the car.
One morning I stumbled out the front with my tea and noticed a large bush was gone (see the big brown patch?) and pegs and string had appeared. I thought it best not to mention it.
Shorty was more vocal. That's the back of the hedge to the left in the last photo. What could he be doing?
Fascinated, we watched as large bits of wood appeared to grow out of the ground between school drop off and pick up. Shorty and I were pretty busy and sometimes it is best to make yourself scarce. See that nice lilly pilly bush on the right? Start saying your prayers, Shrub.
He dug and sawed and drilled and hammered. He wore work boots and shirts for a while there. It was cooler in October.
It progressed quite quickly. I made reference to Evan Almighty, the man driven to build a large ark in his front yard. We have enough Noahs in this house, thank you!
Around the back of the hedge grew wood too. Why was there a gate into a hedge and fence? Best not to ask at this critical juncture.
Suddenly all the decky bits were covered and the occupants were out eating melon on it before the drill bits were cool. It was also good for scootering, skateboarding, tea parties and...
having a well earned Smoko with the hired help before moving on to phase 2, the roof!


  1. What a great job. When do we get to see the ark?

  2. What a fabulous deck and an even more fabulous stain: love it! :-)

  3. I'm loving the deck. I did also love that hedge ... gone?

  4. It's looking so amazing! Very impressed. And I spy an atomic saucer planter in red in some of your shot. I have a green one!! xx

  5. Congrats on learning the value of silence in this sort of male endeavour.
    Best ignored and swept under the hedge until the finished product. The problem I routinely face is the jolly start of a project only to have the finished product never to see the light of day.
    The muse went walk-about.
    Small stuff is ubiquitous.
    How enchanting her short life has been.
    I do hope she's keeping a diary.

  6. Imdeckable! Impeccable!
    The red plant pot/black stand is very stylish. Pleased to see it's made it's way out to the deck.

  7. Deb: I'm trying to stretch the deck saga over a few posts. I think you got a sneak preview of Part 2. As to when it finishes- your guess is as good as mine!

    Cowroad: The stain is just the colour of the wood. We are toying with the idea of letting it weather so its more Scandi silver. Any thoughts.

    MMC: The hedge is still there but a few other things have vanished.

    Brismod: We both clearly have impeccable taste!

    DMC: I stay quiet as it always turns out eventually. She has employed me to record her memoirs and you are reading them now.

    R and S: It has always lived out there and is a bit weathered but a permanent fixture. My sister found it roadside in Warwick years ago!


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