Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't Ask Me Why!

Because I was sitting there hiding out in the new unfinished panic room, I took a photo. This is the view from the old squatter's chair where I believe I will partake of my morning tea from now on.Because I was at DFO selling my soul for five pairs of boys' school shoes, I ran into Typo and Cotton On for some self indulgence.

Because Lairy Godmother told me about these handsome wooden hands I felt a need to peruse them and then buy one- and some bunting for the patio.

Because everyone went to bed early and I was reading a blog about an installation artist, I chose to display my purchases in a piece called 'Self portrait as a Bedouin Retail Shopper Who Has been Abandoned by the Oppy gods'. (Because they are lazy, they get a small 'g'.)

Because I felt dishevelled of face and hair I took a liking to these huge glasses, then saw the scarves and threw in the nail varnish in case I ever get down there.

Because the sales girl was staring at a corner in the ceiling or there was some unknown special offer, it only came to $10!
Because I was bored with the movie on TV there was some experimentation with the finger of destiny.

Because you are a duck, I pick you!
Because they all went to bed early I had to pack up the Cluedo.

Because the 9 year old has a better social life than us and has been at two different houses in two nights, I felt obligated to play Cluedo just as she will feel obligated to remove my toe nail polish tomorrow.

Because I don't want to go down there!

Because that looks like Catherine Z. Jones on the Cluedo cover, I am faintly annoyed.

Because I forgot to steer her to her bed, the self bedder has fallen in action.

Because the couch is suffering from post holiday ice block mutilation I photoshopped the blue to make it acceptable just like the Woman's Weekly did with Ms Hutton.
Because of the enormous production of laundry around here lately, Mother Scarlet is not in the sunroom with the candlestick that she had intended to do something interesting with.

And because you should never start a sentence with 'and' or 'because', I did. Just because!


  1. And I really love this post. Because the hand is perfect!

    p.s. She really does look like KZJ.

  2. That must be KZJ! The front deck looks incredible. Hurry up school! We paid a small fortune for school shoes as well. I think I could have bought a GJ bangle if I didn't need school shoes.

    You must shoe (subconscious typo) us more of the deck!!

  3. That pic with the sun glasses is truly scary.
    BUT, I love the way small stuff just sort of drops in her tracks overcome by Morpheus.
    It would be great to feel so relaxed.
    The shoe shops are only there because I kept them financially afloat with my purchasing , at regular intervals, 5 pairs of school shoes, athletic shoes,and "best wear" shoes.
    AND sandals.

  4. The deck is looking fantastic and you I suspect are like me and going a little nuts and really needing those kidlets to go back to school. melx

  5. Deb: Actually, who are we kidding? She looks just like us.

    MMMC: How many days supply teaching would I need for a GJ bangle. I say they about everything now.

    DMC: Fortunately best wear is not so dressy these days.

    BG: Ready and dready for them togo back.

  6. Annie,
    You should write a book.
    You should have an art exhibition of post-Tracey Emin, post-20th century, post-childless, post-deconstructuralist ephemeral photography. I think you'd have a niche there.
    And of course, you should never start a sentence with "you should".

  7. Justine: Unless you are our mum!


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