Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hitting the Deck-Part Two (or Holiday Entertainment)

Remember how the new gate went nowhere? One morning the removal of the fence and imminent removal of some shrubs meant it made more sense.The orange letterbox lasted as long as that section of fence- not long. See how the shrubs are all recoiling in shock and terror? The letterbox went to the dump before I could rescue it to be repurposed in my usual hoarders way. I thought it might have been a nice possum box.
Instead all the possums scattered, probably to the vege patch for some nervous eating, when the Big Fella invited this fella over to scoop out our front.
Seriously! If you want some holiday fun for a big family on a budget, $100 buys you an hour of riveting entertainment. Cheaper than a theme park but dearer then the movies. Imagine this in 3D!
They straggled out as they woke up. At first there was just Lala and Shortie and I with a cup of tea between us. The only time the driver looked up from his job was to raise an eyebrow as yet another child appeared on the viewing stand.

Soon the gang was all there. Can you see that pile of dirt? The boys were salivating about skate ramps and slides. Oh, look a gate and new fence have appeared!
The girls got bored but the boys stuck it out till the bitter end...
when the digger drove off into the sunrise and the Big Fella surveyed his modded realm. Yes He too likes to 'mod' things just on a bigger scale. You know what I'm saying- the apple, the tree...


  1. I'm speechless! Send him over here!

  2. Hi Annie, new follower here. Nice to meet you! Just found your blog and really enjoying it. Only 4 kids here but you could include the whippet to make up the 5th quite easily. I relate to so much of what you write about. Mel x

  3. I've yet to meet a man who didn't enjoy a spot of excavating! And the beer afterwards ;D

    (Hi Mel, how nice to see you here too :) )

  4. I think I have had all of this "Fun" man stuff to last a lifetime.
    Just drop me off at the sea with a good book.
    Cheaper even than the bobcat enabler.
    Good though for the mannies.Think of them ruining the family home they eventually buy and driving 3 wives to distraction.
    A minutes silence is called for these potential recipients of man-type DIY.

  5. Deb: It's really just a big sandpit.

    Mel: Nice to have you over. Does your husband dig digging too? The fifth order was meant to be for a dog but we got confused. See you soon.

    Annie: There are a couple of Annies on here now. Anna Bartlett and I once went to an Anne party and here we are again! He has been excavating about 12 years now and we are running for the end of the tunnel.

    DMC: I will explain all this to the potential wives when I am interviewing them. See you at the beach.

  6. annie, I have three other blogging friends called Annie, so that's five of us, it can get *very* confusing!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the modding progress. Nothing like a digger in your own yard to keep the small people entertained.

  8. Annie, Annie and Annie,

    I missed this post for some reason.


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