Monday, January 9, 2012

Hitting the Deck-Part Three

I do want to make it clear that I am not commenting on how long the front deck is taking, I just wanted to make the point that there are some similarities between this project and other big ones that have taken place in the last millennia.

First there's the stick...
and the stance.
The stooped and determined stance while sawing...
although hand saws are not used as frequently.
Then there is just that whole barefoot in the wooden matrix similarity
that makes it glaringly obvious that the names, Evan and Iain (Big Fella to you) are different versions of the same one. So it has come to pass, my people, that Evan Almighty has become Iain Almighty and that he will be wearing boots from now on after dropping a beam on his foot today!

Hurry up, love. I see clouds a-gathering!


  1. This is too funny! Have the rains started yet?

  2. He hasn't got the roof covering on yet but then you can BRING IT ON because it is STINKING here at the moment!

  3. Ooh, ouch... Love that you've done the "compare and contrast" complete with pictures. Very funny.

  4. Great balls of fire!
    It has happened in our day and before the truthful eye of the camera, that those confounded Noah's, not happy stalking,have pitched their tent and taken over.
    Shem, Ham, and Japheth, have tossed the mannies adrift on the sands of time.
    And Sam has brain washed the Big One into submission.
    I say, "Rally ladies to the rescue!"
    Surely your good self with Lala and small stuff armed with justice can defeat this miserable horde.

  5. I'm looking at this thinking of Shorty's massed hoards of people ... if you build it they will come ;D

  6. CC: It is what I see when I look at him.

    DMC: Thy will be done, DMC. (But not until after I have the roof on my outdoor room!)

    Annie: You have obviously met my family!

  7. I missed this post as well. What's happening here? Deck's looking good!

  8. MMMC: I fear it may be ageing him a tad.

  9. It's a big job for one man. His poor foot. That'll learn him though...who does he think he is? Noah? Ha! xx

  10. Brismod: He has upped the protection factor to crocs now!

  11. Haha, a most excellent post! Hope his foot is better?


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