Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the Lamb

One of the good things about Australia Day is leftover roast lamb. Sometimes it may be almost as good as the roast itself. For lunch I threw some rocket, chopped up lamb, roast pumpkin (also leftover), cherry tomatoes and basil into a bowl with herbed salt and a balsamic dressing. This is it half eaten. It was delicious!
So I thought I'd knock up dinner out of the rest of the roast. Nanna makes a mean lamb curry but not the vindaloo sort. More the old style English 'curry' that my own nanna used to make. After chopping up the lamb and roasted potatoes and pumpkin I rang to ask her how to do it.
Turns out she and Grandma Reilly both got it from this old book which every Australian girl had as her Home Ec text once. It's a great reference for the basics.
It seems this recipe isn't so much a curry as a curry sauce that you add your meat and veg to last. It had lots of onion and apple and sultanas...
then surprisingly some chutney and rosella jelly (I used cranberry instead) and other miscellaneous nanna-ness.
The book has pictures like this...
and unadorned recipes like this.
It's looks don't do it justice on a rainy night served on a bed of fluffy rice with a schlurp of Greek yoghurt on top.
Pretty in Pyrex, it waits in the fridge. I actually got dinner made early. There's only enough for the Big Fella and I as the swimmers need therapeutic pasta tonight. Yes there are two meals and we got to a 3 year old birthday party and I got a full time job for next week. That was a very big surprise. It's more than I wanted at this stage but it's only for a week so it's a case of biting the bullet. It's not in an art room though which is a shame. Fingers crossed for later on.
Meanwhile the eggs and laundry don't stop for the rain although they do work quite well together.


  1. Oh yes, I think leftover roast lamb is better than when it's hot out of the oven.
    That looks like a great recipe for curry sauce, thanks.

  2. I still have my Year 8 Day to Day Cookery on the shelf and refer to it quite often too. Must try the curry one day soon. It's definitely that kind of weather. And I also feel justified using the dryer, so I'm actually on top of the washing. Well done you for next week. Lots of prep this weekend I imagine. Chin chin!!!!

  3. Your curry looks so good. Working next week! Will poor Shorty be left to manage on her own????

  4. Deb: Shorty will spend an indulged and sugary week with Nanna and Grandad and one day with her best friend (from the pool party). She'll have a ball!

  5. Oh Yes, That Day to Day Cookery Book is my Kitchen Bible! If I'm ever looking for a quick easy recipe it's the first book I grab. Don't know if I've tried that curry though....Always lots of leftover Lamb here so I might just give that one a try one day...
    Classic eggs in the laundry basket, a very familiar sight around here too...although lately no-one is game enough to walk into the sloshy stinky coop for collection. How are you coping with all the rain!


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