Friday, January 27, 2012

Still Raining

The January rain is still pouring. Pools are getting a green tinge and pool toys lie unused and forgotten.
There are some that relish running and playing in the warm rain looking for goodies in the grass.
Everything is lush and green and blooming in the cool and wet.
They'll need to bomb dive the pool today to get a few inches of water out.
I'm not complaining. There was a flood last year and a drought before that. I love the rain.
I love how it makes everything quiet including children and the outside world in general.
I love how everything is fresh and dewy and not wilting in the heat.
We don't feel obligated to buzz around being busy and fun on the week-end. Instead there will be hot chocolate, tea, cup cakes, home made pizza, maybe some board games and cards and lashings of Ella Fitzgerald- my favourite rainy weather music.


  1. I never thought of it before, but you're right, rain does make everything quieter. So does snow actually. I made pizza tonight! Great minds think alike.

  2. I'm with Deb. I'm only noticing the quiet because you mentioned it! And I LOVE IT!!! We had pizza for lunch and I'm even seeing a movie this afternoon. I'll be the one in gum boots as our driveway is totally mud. Which isn't really "fresh and dewy", but is MUCH better than "dusty and dry"!

  3. I think you would love living here, with all the rain and that... ;-) (and the crazy snow from last week of course)

  4. Rain here makes everyone scream at each other.

    Though I do agree it makes everything green, lush and fresh. For a moment earlier, I saw the tentative head of one of my blue-tongue lizards. I haven't seen them for ages. I'm guessing they don't like the rain.

    I do like your first garden chair ... I saw one in the yard of a house of the old lady next door to a house I 'inspected'. My first thought was, "Oh if I move in here, I could try and get that chair off that woman ..." I realised then that I have a problem.

    Cup of tea sounds like a good idea. Just had a rainy-day nap.

  5. I love the sound of rain. However, the kids tend to go a bit nuts after a couple of rainy days, resulting in much less relaxing sounds. I hope it rains here soon. The water tanks are getting a bit low.

  6. Annie, you have pin-pointed the magic of places like Mt.Tamborine.
    These sort of days there are precious.
    The rain forest extends its reach within cloud with mist and light rain.
    Everything is muted and often chilly.
    Log fires are lit and life is snug.
    The sea too changes when cloud and sea meet blurring the horizon.
    It's a time for books , pizza and chat.
    I'd love to play board games with the family .
    Enjoy these days.

  7. Yes I'd prefer the rain over extreme heat any day.
    Love the chook pic. x

  8. Living in the land of but two seasons (wet/dry - the official names), I love the rain, and appreciate it when it's here. Pity it becomes hot as Hades with humidity pre and post rain.
    Our pool too requires some bombing.

  9. It's raining on your side of the globe too then ... it's amazing this 'ol planet of ours doesn't get so supersaturated it drifts from it's orbit!

    Good luck with the week's work :D


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