Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Entertainment (Part 4)

A few days ago my dear friend Anna dropped her two year old off at the Society of the Dutiful Daughters of Annes AGM. Anna and I once went to an Anne party. These days we are too busy for such foolishness so our daughters carry on the tradition with the SODDA.They rebonded over 'Rastamouse' with some hard headlocking loving from my Annelet. See how we provided an Anna Bartlett apple cushion just to make the other Annelet feel right at home. The headlock may have had the same effect.

There was some serious card playing which involved washing the cards, folding them into small presents and throwing them confetti- like in the air. The origin of some of these initiation rites is obscure.

If they said "Cheers" once they said it twenty times. Somebody is setting a bad example!
There was a compulsory medical examination before admission to the society.
They were later rejoined by the elders of SODDA to for some unsynchronised swimming- a veritable bevy of beach babes.
As an aside, this is not one of those heavenly creations from blog world that make you salivate with anticipation. Rather this is a creation by Chef Lala that may help you in your weight loss pursuits as it may well turn you away from your old friend food or tip you the other way to calorific calamity with its carbed up colourfulness. It is called, 'Lasagna Sandwich.'
Try it at own your arteries' peril! When does school go back?


  1. When does school go back? Not soon enough by the looks of that sandwich. What a bevy of bathing beauties!

  2. Love your photos of our visit! Beth didn't stop smiling (and was asleep by the middle of Gap Creek Road). Will have to have more SODDA gatherings this year. Does that make us the OODA's (Older Original Delightful Anne/ie/a's)?

  3. Deb: Bring it on! Even the kids want to go back for a rest!

    Anna: Or YODA- 'Young-at-heart Original Delightful Annes' (or yawning / yelling / yodelling / your-mama / yakking- as needed)

  4. It's delightful to see the friendship between the smallest of the bunch.
    A pic to keep.

  5. looks like fun (for the small fry at least!)

    xo em

  6. Emily: It was lots of fun for the old fry too!

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