Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Bunny's Tale

I cooked up this bunny using a 'recipe' from the delightful Royal Sisters. Her PDFs are very easy to follow. It was to have been a mousey grey but Shorty chose this colour so it is, instead, a Bunny de la Mer.

Having made the case, the bunny was assembled in stages.

1. Stuff the bunny bits with wads of cushion filler fluff. Deter 10 year old from sneaking fluff for a Santa beard. (Maybe I really need to pack up the tree.)
2. Stuff bunny quickly in late afternoon sun being sure to wear Curlypops brooch at the same time and avoiding tending to the lamb roast which has been cooking for an unknown number of hours.

3. Marvel at how stuffed bunny parts in the late afternoon sun look like drumsticks and avocados. (We are getting hungry now.)
4. Send the staff for a late afternoon swim to further delay and increase their appetite whilst suturing bunny together from the best life guard's position.
5. Observe bunny underway and wonder how much longer I can get away with ignoring dinner.
6. Abandon bunny when I realise there is no black wool and the Big Fella politely requests I might like to serve the food he has cooked while he was painting. Really! Let bunny rest for 24 hours.
7. On completion of bunny features, take mug shots of bunny for posterity. Please, look into the camera.
Now turn to the right. Shorty and I love that squeezable tushi.
8. Dinner is served!


  1. Straight into action! Cute photo - I think Shorty likes the new bunny. The sideways mug shot is pretty cute, too. Learning to crochet has been on my to-do lst for ages. I'm feeling inspired to get on to it

  2. Brilliant recipe! Adorable finish! Bunny de la Mer is gorgeous. I have been wanting to make something like this for a while with my daughter, she's starting to pick up crocheting. I, too feel inspired...

  3. That bunny is so sweet! I still marvel at your husband cooking dinner.

  4. Brilliant work! I love it.

    Looks like dinner got served past M's bedtime! Oh well, at least you're making an effort to put food on the table.

  5. That last photo is so precious!! And that is such a cute bunny...we just did a cuddle toy cull. It is just so traumatic for a sentimentalist like we still have more than we need!! xx

  6. Well done, such a sweet little bunny. Love his little tail. x

  7. Bunny de la mer is a thing of beauty.
    Surely more important than a sizzling roast dinner.
    Artistica before domestica.
    The Big One though, is in a class of his own as far as I'm concerned. I have never even heard of a male who would take the trouble to attend a roasting roast.
    Small stuff, as usual, sums up the feeling.

  8. CC and Rachel: Try the Royal Sisters site if you're starting. She has lots of small free tutorials too that are easy to learn on.

    Deb: He does has his moments. Right now he is painting in a heat wave!

    MMMC: I quite liked it without features but the Big Fella said it looked a bit Donny Darko. Dinner is done and dusted here pretty early here so I can clean up and clock off. Today they can live on watermelon and party pies!

    Brismod: I think that is the clutch of possession. You get that with four siblings. I know it's crazy when I am constantly culling soft toys to be making more but the making was more for me than her to be honest.

    Zara: That tail is the best bit. That was the reason for the profile shot. She tweaks it and makes a honking noise!

    DMC: He put it on before he started painting so neither of us knew how long it cooked but it was very tasty served up warm and chunky on a bed of salad.

  9. I have just caught up with your incredible last couple of weeks! Can't wait to visit and try the new guest's entrance. Have a mountain of jobs to do here but just can't get started. Thanks for the procrastination entertainment - talk soon!

  10. Oh so cute.... You've done a fantastic job. It looks complicated! I can imagine how hard it would have been to put down just to get dinner ready, especially in those final stages. I do love those Royal Sisters!

  11. Anna: Just duck and run at the gate. He's painting now!

    Gooseberry Jam: I should have known you were another 'Royalist' with your crocheting cred! This bunny would be lovely for a new baby...

  12. That last picture is just so cute! It may be the clutch of possession, but I reckon she's got a friend for life there. I still have my cuddle bunny from childhood, threadbare, but I could never part with him. Thanks for the link to Royal Sisters, the site is new to me and looks great :D

  13. Oh Annie he is just gorgeous!!!
    I am so delighted that he worked out so well for you...You have done an amazing job...I love the colour too...I think it makes him look so bright and cheery...
    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern on your lovely blog...
    He sure looks like he will be loved for a very long time...
    Regards my dear...Michelle...
    P.S I will be adding this link on my FaceBook page...I am sure the everyone will love to see..

  14. Thanks, Michelle. High praise indeed from the maestro!


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