Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gomalicious 2

Somebody asked me recently what we would miss if we left Brisbane. I didn't say the family or friends or my home- it was the Gallery of Modern Art and the beach. It is shameful I know but, how much do I love thee, GOMA? Enough to hug your toughened glass panes? There is so much to love...
like trawling through the GOMA shop which is like a big real life etsy page full of things you would normally only find on line or in other cities. Running one's fingers through some fresh Dinosaur Designs is always lovely.
There is also wildlife for the offspring,
crochet fruit for the mother,
craft heaven for little girls of all ages
and cool places for big boys to hang out and chew the fat with the aunty.
But wait! There's more!
If you can tolerate the crowds this week particularly in the morning, the spot themed exhibitions were truly mind boggling and as much fun as ever. We've been to this one a few times over the years since the boys were little and it never gets old. Yayoi Kusama was first commissioned to create the Obliteration Room in 2002. They change the scenery to mix it up each time but it's all about doing what you normally are not allowed to do and going crazy with stickers in the 'good room'.
Our eyes were a bit spirally by the time we left. The boys couldn't even stop sticking it to the couch for a photo.
Seriously, this is a lot of fun! It's like Ikea on hallucinogens.
Even the non-kiddy areas were fairly spatially challenging and fabulous fun. I have a dear friend who recently told me she never takes her kids to art galleries because dusty old paintings on walls is not her idea of a good time for kids. Mind you a manky, noisy, over priced theme park of tawdry, tired ideas is. This treasure trove is FREE!
There is some truly psychedelic stuff which they might not completely get but they can simply experience in so many sensory ways.
The offspring always like a good film.
Shorty and the bunny were getting a bit overcome by this stage. This felt like being inside a dalek.
It is lovely for the wee-uns to realise that art comes in so many forms
including the seat of the niece's pants. There's a good idea!
Back at the sugar and spice, girly glitterscapes,
I'm always a sucker for a ceramic bambi or two.
The boys loved the screens where you made your own animated films but the highlight for Shorty...
was the special, shorty bubblers that she could reach- over and over and over again. A simple respite is sometimes necessary in a sea of kaleidoscopic colour.
If you're in Brisbane don't miss this trippy and wonderful day out. It is guaranteed to calm the childerbeasts and put a big smile on your face too!


  1. Oh what a wonderful place! Definitely not boring and dusty.

  2. Such fun, and for free.. you're onto a good thing there. x

  3. So many great reasons to goto goma. I really need to take mine there.

    (Fitra2009 wrote the same comment on my last post. I'm guessing Fitra2009 isn't actually taking the time to read these posts. And as for Fitra's grammar ...)

  4. What an amazing place. We have some pretty cool art galleries here in the UK but I've never seen anything quite like this!

  5. Deb: It did hurt your eyes a bit by the end of the day.

    Zara: I loiter there a lot. It has very cold air conditioning and is usually QUIET. Heaven in school holidays!

    MMMC: Go, go, go !!! I should have photographed the rainbow floor for you but I thought you'd been. Get in early. There is so much to do!

    Annie: It is a bit indicative of a colourful Brisbane summer in some ways.

    Deb: Hmmmm!

  6. fitra: You have been deleted. Need I say more!

  7. Wow! GOMA is amazing. That sticker room is crazy, I can only imagine the dizziness. I'm also a fan of the glitterscapes. Fun fun! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  8. I keep coming across photos of amazing GOMA in blog world. It looks amazing this current exhibition- must get my kids there next week, I have heard the arvo is better. BTW the almighty hubby is doing a ripping job on that deck. melx

  9. GOMA as the 20something I am best described as the rolling together of all the fun I had as a kid at the Science Centre/Museum/QAG all rolled into one.

    Obliteration Room? So much fun! I love how even just walking round the CBD on a weekend afternoon, you will come across people of all ages with dots on their faces/clothes.

  10. Am a little envious of your proximity to such an amazing place! Our closest museum mainly features prior centuries' hay-making equipment and ladies' undergarments. (Something for everyone I guess). Love that last photo of your little one.


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